The best celebrity weddings!


Photo Taken by: Vouge Magazine

The happiness from their wedding is so contagious! (Photo credit: Corey Tenold)

Cadiz Salazar and Allison Lillestol

Celebrities are arguably some of the most interesting people. It feels like there is always a new story in the news, but every now and then, excitement buds when a celebrity couple announces their engagement, which means — it’s time for a wedding! We compiled a few of our favorite celebrity weddings that completely transformed our Pinterest boards. 

The gorgeous wedding of AnnaSophia Rob and Trevor Paul (Photo Credit: John Dolan)

You probably know AnnaSophia Robb from her iconic role in “Bridge to Terabithia” or the “Carrie Diaries.” But, her wedding and dress choice instantly became the staple for a uniquely modern, mountainside wedding. 

Her intimate wedding to Trevor Paul was located in a 12-room farmhouse between the mountains of upstate New York and hosted 175 of their friends and family. 

For their wedding, they went for a rustic and homey feel with an array of colors and wildflowers. 

Her dress had a whimsical take on a classic ball gown with a strapless, intricately structured bodice. But most uniquely was the chiffon scarf that draped around her neck and hung down her back and faded into her long vail train. Such a subtle detail that made my jaw drop.

The happy couple after the wedding! (Photo Credit: John Dolan)

For her bridesmaids, I would typically think to forgo black bridesmaid dresses when the venue has so much color; however, for Robb’s wedding, it could not be more perfect. They all looked elegant without overshadowing the beauty of the venue while following the more modern trend of mismatched but coordinating bridesmaid dresses.

And there is no song more fitting for their wedding than “Everywhere” (Fleetwood Mac) to which she walked down the aisle.

Although she wasn’t in front of the camera for her wedding, it felt like a cinematic masterpiece. 

Naomi Biden and Peter George Heermann Neal posing on the South Lawn of the White House (Photo Credit: Corban Gurkin)

For Naomi Biden, granddaughter of President Joe Biden, nothing could beat her romantic and elegant wedding. Her wedding was all over my For You Page with Lana Del Rey instrumentals playing with pictures from the day. But the most iconic part was located in the backyard of the White House, more formally known as the South Lawn. 

There was no need for much decoration for the ceremony with the beautiful view of the Washington Monument in the back and the natural scenery. With the all-white venue, the white rose bushes with a hint of greenery was the perfect touch that tied the ceremony venue together and made it feel like a Disney princess wedding. 

Her ceremony dress was a lace, custom Ralph Lauren dress that fit the elegance of the venue. Its timeless look included a transparent high neckline, embroidered floral details,  and a full ball gown skirt. She also wore a jaw-dropping cathedral-length veil with floral details that spanned at least 20- feet  long. 

I am stealing the idea of an outrageously tall cake. (Photo Credit: Corban Gurkin)

Following the wedding reception, Naomi changed into a fitted, strapless dress that had her grandmother’s pearls sewn into the train. 

Their stunning eight-tier, seven- feet tall wedding cake required them to climb a ladder to cut their cake. 

Their wedding, the 19th wedding in the White House, was a beautiful and elegant day that would bless our Pinterest boards.  

One of the most iconic veils of all time (Photo Credit: Corey Tenold)

 Justin and Hailey Beiber. Need I say less? The couple’s Southern-located wedding called for elegance, style, but most of all — fun! 

Hailey’s multiple outfits throughout the wedding weekend each made statements of their own. Her white off-the-shoulder mini dress by Vivienne Westwood was not only stylish but also eco-friendly! Then, on her big day, Hailey most certainly knew that no paparazzi were going to ruin the surprise of her dress, hence her walking around with a large tarp over her. 

However, when Hailey revealed what was under that tent, we were all amazed, to say the least. Her dress featured off-the-shoulder lace long sleeves and a beautiful low back, filled will an applique and pearl flowers. Her train was to die for and the dress ended at the bottom by saying, “TILL DEATH DO US PART.” It may not be everyone’s particular taste, but it was bold and innovative, to say the least. 

In the research I conducted to get to the inside scoop of this wedding, the one thing I could tell was that they all looked like they were having an amazing time. At their afterparty, they went to a food lounge named Cole’s, and groups (including many A-list celebrities) alternated between dancing, karaoke, bowling, and catching a screening of The Notebook. 

But all in all, Hailey mentioned that her favorite moment was when she was pulled up on stage by Justin as he recreated the concert tradition of serenading one lucky lady with “One Less Lonely Girl.” 

Sarah Hyland posing with her “Modern Family” family!
(Photo from @jessetylerferguson on Twitter)

And finally, the girl we all know from either Modern Family or Geek Diaries — Sarah Hyland! Her California vineyard wedding was a day consisted of so much intimacy and sweetness. 

She had a heartwarming rehearsal dinner in the wine caves at Sunstone Vineyards where speeches from her brother, who donated a kidney to her in September of 2017, gave a speech that left not a dry eye in the room. 

She specifically mentioned that she loved “corsets and a feeling of Old World romance,” and she ultimately landed on a light ivory silk faille sweetheart ball gown with a hand-pleated bodice and French tulle sleeves. The dress in itself was so classy and the slit she place along the side made it all even better. Truly one of my personal favorite dresses! 

She then changed into a tighter-fitting off-the-shoulder dress with an incredibly beautiful train as well. She said her look inspiration was “as if a princess had just finished riding her horse through the countryside—not too perfect.”

And to top it all off, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, a co-star on Modern Family and a dear, dear friend, officiated the wedding, making it so incredibly special. They ended up walking out to the song, “First Day of my Life” by Bright Eyes. 

Another personal favorite part was when she mentioned that she had  “musical theater / Alanis Morrisette night” (my musical theatre heart was beaming when I heard this). 

But essentially, her night was incredibly touching and full of beautiful memories. 

All in all, these weddings seem like something out of a fairy-tale, each in their own special way! We can all only dream of having weddings like these, and I’m sure they’ll be an inspiration for others for years to come!