Rosary graduates’ Red and Gold advice


Photo provided by Anna Dicrisi

The class of 2022’s Gold team posing for their last Red and Gold.

Kendall Clarida and Layla Langrell

With Red and Gold kickoff last Friday, Royals are getting excited for the competitive, fun bonding experience that is Red and Gold. Red and Gold weekend isn’t like anything we’ve ever experienced, and it can be a lot (especially the first time around). So, we asked a few Rosary graduates their biggest tips for Red and Gold.

Anna Dicrisi ‘22, last year’s Gold producer and now a USC Trojan, is a true Red and Gold supporter and gives sentimental advice for Royals: “My favorite Rosary memories were Red and Gold ones. I think the thing I loved most was the opportunity it gave girls to discover things they loved about themselves. Some of my friends found out that they were artists; some found out just how compassionate they are; some found out how much they love working with others. I think that using Red and Gold as a platform to not only build individuals is really amazing. My advice: go into it with no expectations and a whole lot of passion. The thing you are meant to create and the people you are meant

Anna Dicrisi as the Gold team’s producer. (Photo provided by Anna Dicrisi)

to meet will find you if you are leading with your heart. Also, straight cold brew works wonders.” As seniors, we fully believe that you can only get out of Red and Gold what you put into it. It’s meant to be a blast and will make you memories to last a lifetime, as Anna said.

Serena Park ‘21 is now at Chapman University and was on White Team during her senior year. She reminds us that as much fun as Red and Gold is, it takes a lot of energy: “My biggest tip for Red and Gold is making sure to use your break times to their full potential! Whether it’s taking a nap or getting something to eat, use that time wisely.” Red and Gold can really be exhausting. Sometimes you have to chow down on some Chick-fil-a or take a nap in the pit to keep you going.

Dianna Mendoza ‘15 is also a CSUF graduate and still cherishes her Red and Gold memories: “My advice would be to go all out for the finale and take a lot of pictures with your friends! I still look at my senior year Red and Gold pictures all the time, and I’m grateful for them. Oh, and don’t break in new shoes…”

Dianna Mendoza having a blast with her friends and making great memories during Red and Gold. (Photo provided by Dianna Mendoza)

Our camera rolls are filled with our favorite Red and Gold memories and we can’t wait to take more this year.

Emily Gibson ‘17 encourages Royals to make the most of Red and Gold: “Red and Gold is such a unique opportunity to meet new people. Take this time to make new friendships and work together to produce the best show you can!” Red and Gold is an experience that should definitely be embraced to the fullest. 

Red and Gold is truly a special, unique, and once-in-a-lifetime experience. With some Rosary graduates’ advice, we’re sure this will be the best Red and Gold yet! Happy Red and Gold, Royals. Make the most of it!

Serena Park and Claire Early having the best time on Red team. (Photo provided by Serena Park)