Athletic Week of Giving is approaching fast. Here are some facts you might not have known before.

Christina Vaughan, Staff Writer

We all know that sports are taken very seriously at Rosary. With new sports being added next year, and a long history of athletic excellence, Rosary definitely stands out on the playing field.

The Athletic Week of Giving right around the corner, and I think we should take a look at some of the lesser facts about Rosary Athletics:

  1. Ms. Barclay used to coach the soccer team.
  2. Senior Emma Silva played water polo.
  3. Mr. Chavez coached the lacrosse team.
  4. Rosary won the first ever water polo CIF championship.
  5. Dr. Yoon has the most basketball wins of any coach!
  6. Dr. Yoon has only ever coached at Rosary.
  7. Half of the English department has coached a sport at Rosary before.
  8. Mrs. Kearns and Mrs. Huerta coached JV softball together.
  9. Mrs. Huerta was an Academic All-American at Long Beach State.
  10. Mrs. Huerta coached the tennis team for two years.
  11. Mr. Tice, our athletic director, was in the English Department for many years.
  12. Cross country races used to be held at Acacia Park.
  13. Alumna Natalie Golda holds the record for most softball homeruns and was a water polo Olympian.
  14. The water polo team used to swim around Huntington Pier and Naples Island in Newport for practice.
  15. Both Rosary and Servite’s Water Polo teams used to do a tournament in Hawaii.
  16. The Cheer Team’s choreographer is one of the head coaches at UCLA.
  17. The Karcher center used to be a parking lot.
  18. Softball used to practice and play on the lawn.
  19. Rosary started with three sports: basketball, softball, and volleyball.
  20. Dr. Yoon, Mr. Tice, and Mr. Bevins have all been named CIF Coaches of the Year.


Hopefully you learned something new about one of your teachers or a Rosary sports team. Although sports can feel very intense and sometimes too serious, it’s still important to make memories with teammates and enjoy the funny moments that are bound to happen during a big match or a small practice.