Dance team Florida kickoff


Come support the Rosary Dance Team at Florida Kickoff. (Photo provided by Julianna Ortiz)

Julianna Ortiz, Staff Writer

Sunday Jan 29 at 2:00 p.m., the Rosary Dance Team will perform at the annual Florida Kickoff in the Karcher Center. All are welcome to attend and entry is free for students, so bring your school ID’s. For non-students, entry will be $5.

The Rosary Dance Team is going to kill it at Kickoff. (Photo provided by Julianna Ortiz)

The dance team has been working hard all season and can’t wait to show off their dances at Florida Kickoff. The varsity and JV teams will perform both of their amazing routines one last time before they fly off to Florida.

This year, there will also be extra routines performed by Rosary Cheer Team, as well as a couple dances from local studios.

Megan Martinez ’24 shared, “Florida Kickoff has been a tradition since the start of RADT, and each year it’s a great way to show our friends and family our final routines before we compete in Florida. It is always so exciting to perform one last time in California for all the people we love.”

If you enjoy watching the dance and cheer team perform at rallies or football games you should definitely come to watch Kickoff; you will not be disappointed.