Water Polo completes its first tournament


Photo provided by Coach Jess Hermosillo'14

Goalie, Avery Rabago ’25, saving a shot during the last tournament.

Christina Vaughan, Staff Writer

Last weekend, the Rosary Water Polo team participated in the Western Varsity Tournament. They finished the tournament with two wins and two losses, adding to their overall record of 7-5.


Lainey Goldstein ‘24 shared, “Last tournament, the team played very well for the competition we were up against. On the first day, we won both games and deserved the glory, but on the second day, we played against two teams with a lot more experience. We pushed hard, gave it our all, and made it difficult for them to win.”


Coach Jess Hermosillo ‘14 wanted to highlight sophomore Lexi Velazquez for her achievements during her first tournament as a Royal. Over the course of the tournament, Lexi scored over ten goals, had twelve steals, and had around two assists. Coach Jess ‘14 states, “We’re super excited to have Lexi on the team, and we’re looking forward to what she will accomplish. We love being able to participate in and represent Rosary’s sports program. The team feels confident going into the season and we expect to make CIF.”


The Water Polo team also had a competitive game against the best team in the league–Orange Lutheran–this Tuesday. The Royals are ready to play Rowland High School on Friday for the second time and expect a favorable outcome as well. The Water Polo team would love to have your support at any of their upcoming games!