Winter Formal under the sea!


Photo credit: Camila Zavala '23

Why stage dive at Winter Formal when you can just dive?

Caela Cabal, Staff Writer

Over these past few days, talks of glamorous dresses, extravagant party buses, and fabulous dinner plans have filled the air. It’s time, Royals! With Winter Formal approaching us, everyone’s been preparing for the special day.

This year’s Winter Formal isn’t going to be like previous years, however. Winter Formal will be held at the Aquarium of the Pacific, rather than the Richard Nixon Library, and this surprising change has been all the buzz lately.

I have asked a few of our fellow Royals to share what they think of our deep dive dance:

Having attended every dance since freshman year, Isabella Jimenez ’23 is an expert on getting groovy. She shared that she likes this venue a lot more than the library: “I love that WOFO is at the aquarium! I feel that it’s gonna be a lot more fun than celebrating at the a presidential library.” History doesn’t seem to get Isabella in a dancing mood, but surely the fish will!

Avery Rabago ’25 shared, “I have always loved aquariums and I think they’re really cool. I feel like it’ll be an amazing experience to get to have a dance there. Like many of my friends, I can’t wait.” I definitely agree! The aquarium is definitely such a cool place to have a dance, and I’m almost wondering why we haven’t made the switch sooner!

Speaking of which, Ms. La Bonte ’09 gave me some insight as to why we ditched the library and moved to this fish-tastic aquarium: “I am excited for this year’s Winter Formal because of the venue! The venue for Winter Formal changed due to availability on our preferred date for the dance. The Aquarium of the Pacific is such a fun and different location to have a dance. It will give everyone the ability to dance but also look at all of the animals/exhibits if they don’t want to dance. Who doesn’t want to touch a stingray in a fancy dress!”

Nicole Ortiz ’23 summed up what I think most seniors feel: “Since it is my last Winter Formal, I’m so excited that we get to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific, and I like that we’re doing something different this time. I just know it’s going to be so cute there, and hopefully we’ll get to see some of the sea-life!” While the Nixon Library is always beautiful, I, too, am glad that we have switched things up and get to dance along with the fish. Hopefully they don’t show me up with their dance moves…

Seems like the general mood concerning Winter Formal is excitement, and rightfully so. Many of our Royals are glad to have a breath of fresh air after such a busy first semester, and there’s nothing like a school dance to lift the mood of stressed-out students. No matter where our dance is held, just remember to be safe and have fun!