Royals committed to college!


Photo provided by @RosaryRoyals instagram

The lovely class of 2023 back in 2019!

Allison Lillestol, Copy- Editor

The college application process is notorious for being the most stressful time for seniors. Picking colleges, I can confidently say from my own experience, is one of the toughest parts.

However, some of our very own Rosary seniors fell in love with schools all across the country and applied for Early Decision—a binding commitment to a college. And luckily, their schools loved them back!

Maddy Hayward celebrating her acceptance in her LMU sweatshirt! (Photo Provided by Maddy Hayward )

Senior Maddy Hayward got accepted Early Decision to Loyola Marymount University. Planning on double majoring in Political Science and International Relations, as an aspiring lawyer, she fell in love with LMU’s Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and their close ties to the Loyola Law School. She said, “I now have the opportunity to engage with law students and professors that I would not have been able to connect with easily at other schools.” Maddy is excited to get involved with the Lion Community by joining the various clubs and activities they offer. Congrats Maddy!

Maddy is not the only Royal to fall in love with all LMU has to offer… Juliet Cortes’23 has also been admitted via. Early Decision to LMU and plans on majoring in Accounting or Business Administration! Juliet feels like LMU “checks all the boxes” and loves its proximity to cities like West Hollywood and Malibu as well as their study abroad programs. LMU’s community and opportunities is another reason Juliet chose to apply Early Decision: “LMU has many traditions I cannot wait to be a part of and make new friends. But, I’ll always love Rosary Academy, and if you are ever in the area, come visit me!” I can confidently say that LMU is lucky to have Juliet!

Juliet Cortes posing in front of LMU’s campus. (Photo Provided by Juliet Cortes)

For some Royals, they found their dream schools across the country!

Senior Emma Fredman got accepted to John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland! With a pre-health emphasis, Emma will be studying Physics with a minor in Space Sciences and Engineering. Emma loves what the university uniquely has to offer: “They have lots of academic freedom. They have no core curriculum class, an abundance of class choices, and lots of research opportunities that give me a chance to freely

Emma Fredman with her acceptance letter to John Hopkins University! (Photo Provided by Emma Fredman)

explore my curiosities.” She decided to apply Early Decision because she knew these opportunities were too good to pass up! We can’t wait to see what Emma will accomplish!

For senior Bridgette Sanders, her application process included a few more plane rides to New York. Wanting to major in Musical Theater at Syracuse University, Bridgette spent a week in New York for auditions. Bridgette had to submit singing, acting, and dancing pre-screens with one “wild card” in which she chose to show off her ventriloquism skills. And, because of her Musical Theater Major, Bridgette had to get accepted for both Musical Theater and academically. It is no shocker that Syracuse loves her as much as we do!

Bridgette Sanders in front of Syracuse University! (Photo Provided by Bridgette Sanders )

With the application process coming to a close and decision letters coming in, it is so exciting to see our fellow Royals’ hard work pay off. Good luck to the rest of the senior class!