MLK Day 2023

Brynn Beauchamp, Staff Writer

On the third Monday of January, the United States recognizes the life and achievements of beloved civil rights activist Martin Luther King Junior. MLK promoted non-violent activism among African Americans—which ultimately led to the passing of legislation that limited racial discrimination and segregation throughout the country.

Martin Luther King Jr. speaking passionately to a crowd of supporters. (Photo taken from Google via Creative Commons License)

The true measure of a man is revealed after they die, once their legacy becomes what it left. MLK left an unforgettable mark on the history of the United States, a legacy that will undoubtedly linger forever in his words. Though King is most notably known

for his infamous “I Have A Dream” speech, given on the marble steps of the Lincoln Monument, I believe there is one quote that perfectly cultivates all that MLK was for our country.

While imprisoned in Birmingham, Alabama, MLK wrote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”

King wasn’t just fighting for African Americans, he was fighting for the future of our country. Even as he was wrongfully arrested, King continued to fight. He was fighting for justice, he was fighting for equality, and he was fighting for peace. MLK was not just an activist, he was an example of a man who loved all and believed in spreading that love to all.

The official MLK memorial is located in Washington D.C. in the National Mall. (Photo credit: Brynn Beauchamp ’23)

As we honor the life of MLK, I urge you all to read some more of the beautiful words spoken by him. His words reflect all that he values, and to say King was a true man of character would be an understatement.

Though Monday will be a celebration of his achievements, let the day also serve as a reminder to our country. We have to fight for the things we believe in, work towards effective change, and treat others with all the respect they deserve. Our Constitution allows us to use our voices and actions as a platform for change, but progress takes continuous time and effort. Violence will never spark productive change, but peace and unity alone can drive us forward.

I hope you can all be inspired by the resilience, patience, and courage of Dr. King today. Allow for the effects of MLK’s work to encourage you to stand for the things you value in life. Our country is forever grateful for all that MLK gave, and his legacy will never be forgotten.