Royals’ Christmas hauls


Photo Credit: Juliet Cortes '23

Juliet, this haul is spectacularly luxurious and dreamy!!!!

Daniela Arias, Editor-in-Chief

‘Twas the first day back after Christmas break, when all through the halls

Not an old shoe was in sight, not one at all;

The Royals adorned themselves with new jewelry, makeup, and clothes galore

In hopes of flaunting all that came from Santa’s sleigh and more…


Did you like my twist on “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”? If you’re not an expert in poetry analysis, my rendition chronicles the phenomenon that sweeps through Rosary following the Christmas break—the post-Christmas haul OVERLOAD.


With new shoes, new phones, new jewelry, and new clothes galore, post-holiday season, Royals can be seen strutting the halls with their new gifts in hand or decking their body with them.


In recognition of this annual phenomenon, I’ve asked some of our Royals about what some of their Christmas hauls included this year.


Now, this haul is food for the SOUL. (Photo Credit: Charlotte Jordan ’23)

Fellow Royal Reporter writer Brynn Beauchamp ’23 shared her college-related Christmas haul: “This Christmas, I focused my attention on the things I would need as I begin to prepare for college! My big gift was a MacBook Pro, and the rest of my haul consisted mainly of workout clothes, makeup, and dorm room essentials! I am so so grateful for everything I received!”


Brynn wasn’t the only Royal Reporter member to reveal her haul, Charlotte Jordan ’23 also discussed her post-Christmas bounty: “For Christmas, I got a bunch of new books, which I was super excited about because I had been wanting to buy a bunch of them for a while. I was especially excited about “The Appeal” by Janice Hallett because it had been on my wish list for months.”


Fellow senior Maya Perez disclosed her haul that is straight from my dreams: “My favorite gifts this year are my UGG earmuff headphones, a film camera, Gisou hair oil, and my new phone! I was super excited to receive these gifts and have been wishing for a new phone for a while.”

IT’S ALL PURPLE! This haul is beautiful Maya. (Photo Credit: Maya Perez ’23)

Similarly to Maya’s dreamy-like gifts, Juliet Cortes ’23 had a haul that consisted of luxurious gifts galore including a set with the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and the Brazilian Crush perfume to accompany it, the cult classic Laneige lip mask, a Gucci lipstick, a Vivienne Westwood scarf, and more. In response to her glamorous haul, Juliet explained that she was shocked that she received all on her wish list and added, “I was so grateful for not only these gifts but for everyone in my life!”

A pair of gold hoops is an ESSENTIAL. (Photo Credit: Sophia Melendez ’23)


Sticking with the theme of luxury, Sophia Melendez ’23 revealed that she received gold hoop earrings which have been a long-time resident of her wish list.


And finally, coming back to a fellow Royal Reporter member, Allison Lillestol ’23 divulged her gift haul: “My favorite gift was by far my biography on Anna Wintour, “Anna.” I’ve always been so interested in her work, and since I’m in journalism, my parents thought it was the perfect gift! They were definitely right! The quickest way to my heart is definitely with blankets. My parents always get me a new one every year because they know it’s a go-to gift for me!”


In conclusion, no one does Christmas wish lists and hauls better than the girls at Rosary. Comment your own haul down below!