Senior Study Tips


Andrea Salazar, Staff Writer

This year, I’m going to have my first ever finals week. To say the least, I’m terrified. The idea of our grade being weighted fifteen percent makes me nauseous.

To ease the worry of finals, I think most of us can benefit from three pieces of advice given by our fabulous seniors…

  1. Tori Gomez ‘23: “I have to listen to music, and I have to have everything organized. You should be well rested because if you stay up super late, your mind just doesn’t work. Sometimes even studying with my friends over FaceTime helps because you can test and talk to each other about the topics.”
  1. Daniela Arias ‘23: “I like to study for a final the day before it happens, so it remains fresh in my head. Though it may sound like procrastination, it has never failed me! I spend five to six hours studying the day before, but if they give us a study guide, I’ll make it four or five days before the final. The only subject which I have a different tip for is math. DO TONS OF PRACTICE PROBLEMS.”
  1. Alex Bohn ‘23: “I split up my classes, so I create a study guide for each class that I do over the weekend. And, on Monday, I’ll study finals one and two, Tuesday three and four, and so on. If you organize over the weekend and spend a good amount of time studying for each class, you have a lot less stress, and you’re more calm going into finals week.” 

If you tried any of these tips, or they are some of the same ones you have been doing, be sure to comment down below. Have a productive and successful finals week!