Royal fashion in a SoCal winter

Learn about some of our favorite Royal fashionistas.

Photo Created by Alex Bohn '23

Learn about some of our favorite Royal fashionistas.

Alex Bohn, Copy Editor

As a result of living in SoCal, most Royals’ closets are full of tank tops, shorts, and day dresses; however, when the temperature drops down to the low 60s for a few weeks at the end of the year, it’s finally time to dress warm and cozy.

I interviewed a few fashionable Royals to learn more about their style throughout these cold weeks, as they continue to wow us with their winter looks.

Gabriela “Gigi” Coo ’24 serves us a taste of her go-to winter outfit: “I’d say my go-to winter outfit would be a vintage sweater with a leather or puffer jacket, some light-wash denim baggy jeans, and either some loafers or Uggs with a fun scarf!”

Gabriela poses in her red leather jacket, an eccentric piece in her outfit. (Photo Provided by Gabriela Coo ’24)

This outfit sounds so cute, and the leather jacket is definitely an essential piece of trending fashion right now. Gabriela has, undoubtedly, an amazing sense of style. I wish I knew how to put together such a trendy outfit! She sure knows how to rock these fits, and if you see her around campus, feel free to ask her for some advice — Gigi’s got you covered.

Senior Kate Rosales is a prime example of having amazing style. Her vintage wardrobe is trendy, artsy, and overall just stunning. I’ve always admired her ability to turn everything and anything into a super cute outfit, and I always look forward to seeing her fashion TikToks on my For You page.

Kate shared some of her favorite places to shop: “I recommend finding a vintage shop or thrift store that is in Los Angeles or Venice beach. I have found my best jewelry and clothing items there. My favorite vintage store is called ‘2nd Street’ and they have clothes that are only three dollars up to vintage designer pieces.” Next time I find myself in Los Angeles, I’ll be sure to check it out!

Known among the Rosary community for her aesthetically pleasing Greek wardrobe, Dimiana Daskalakis ’24 shares her perfect winter outfit: “A long sleeve shirt with trouser pants and either a coat or leather jacket. It offers the perfect balance between cute, comfortable, and it keeps you warm!”

Dimiana sure knows how to rock a mirror selfie! (Photo Provided by Dimiana Daskalakis ’24)

Trousers are hard to pull off, but if you can incorporate them into your outfit, you might as well walk the red carpet right now. Dimiana’s style is flawless and can quite literally be a Pinterest board all on its own.

Cali Gomez ’23 is known for her amazing talent of layering black clothes while looking absolutely stunning. As a beloved stage manager of Trinitas, she works within the limits of her black wardrobe to pull off something breathtaking 100% of the time.

Cali is never without her trusty –and trendy– leather jacket: “It’s a vintage leather jacket that I stole from my dad! It’s funny because people always ask me where I got it and I would really like to tell them the store, but it’s legit from my dad’s closet.” Nice work on the steal, Cali!

Tights are the perfect way to style a dress in the winter season! (Photo Provided by Brooke Skipton ’24)

Last (but certainly not least)¬†Brooke Skipton ’24 is another Royal fashionista. She recommended a few places to shop at saying, “Tilly’s (for their skirts), Hollister, and Cider. They have really cute and comfy winter outfits in my opinion. 11/10.”

Personally, I shop at Tilly’s pretty often because they have such cute summer outfits, but after taking Brooke’s advice, I can attest that Tilly’s has an AMAZING winter collection. Make sure to check it out!

Do you have a favorite winter outfit? Leave a comment down below!