Anna DiCrisi talks life after the Royal Reporter


Photo Credit: Anna Jordan

Lucky Anna DiCrisi gets to keep her red and yellow swag as a former Royal that is now a current Trojan!

Anna Jordan, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

The halls echo with the whispers of pale-yellow high-top Converse sneakers as the walls shake with excitement. People turn to each other to share the news, the English department opens its doors, copies of “Hamlet” and “Beowulf” fly off of bookshelves— that’s right: Anna DiCrisi ’22 is back from her first semester at USC for the holidays, and as a Royal Reporter vet, she has deigned to share her wisdom from editing at USC’s “Daily Trojan” newspaper with the Royal Reporter.

• How did journalism at Rosary prepare you for your time at the Daily Trojan?
Before taking journalism in high school, I had absolutely no knowledge of anything AP (Associated Press) or journalism. In college, everything goes by Associated Press rules when it comes to the newspaper. As a copy editor, one of my main jobs is to check sources for each statement that’s written that the author did not think of themselves. I have to check grammar, guidelines, and deadlines. And nothing is ever late (it’s just not allowed). My experience with weekly articles, ideas, and time management in high school journalism definitely prepared me to handle that.

• What do you miss about the Royal Reporter?
Everything? I miss everything. I miss the support of the class, and I especially miss writing nonsensical articles. Never have I been given a platform other than this where I was allowed to be absolutely off the rails and creative. Writing for The Royal Reporter probably grew my writing skills more than any other class on its own.

• Have you been keeping up with the Royal Reporter?
I keep up with the humor articles for sure. Sometimes, I get really busy and miss like a whole month, but I always catch up eventually.

• What’s different about writing for the Daily Trojan instead of the Royal Reporter?

Most things are very serious. I knew while I was here that the Royal Reporter was more of a blog than a serious news outlet, but the Daily Trojan writes real editorial, opinionated, or trustworthy articles. It’s very up-to-date, and there is little to no censorship when it comes to opinions. If someone has something to say and evidence to back them up, the paper will publish it.

• Have you come across any professors that come close to the caliber of Ms. Barclay?
No. I don’t really know what else to say. It’s just…no. Forever grateful to her.

We at the Royal Reporter are grateful to Anna for returning to our humble abode and sharing some of her college experiences, and the halls of Rosary rejoice once more as its former writing enthusiast continues to succeed at such a prestigious university and pursue her passion for English through the “Daily Trojan.”