Sounds of the Season was a smashing success!


Photo by: Anna Jordan

Some performing arts stars deign to take a photo with their adoring fans.

Anna Jordan, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

No one in the world is a bigger fan of Rosary’s annual Christmas concerts than me. If I had to choose between barricade tickets to Harry Styles or the Rosary Christmas concert, call Harry and tell him not to expect me because I’ll be in the front row of the Karcher Center doing a goofy little dance while Maya Davis ’23 and Katriel Cenabre ’23 tickle those ivories and delight the room with the Peanuts theme song.

If you need some piano accompaniment in your life, look no further than these two senior gems: Maya Davis and Katriel Cenabre. (Photo Credit: Anna Jordan)

It’s safe to say that 2022’s performing arts classes headed by Mr. Rodriguez put on quite the show on Dec. 1 with performances from choir, orchestra, songwriting, musical theater, and more.

The musical theater and choir performances were cohesive tributes to their performance pieces with impressive harmonies and excellent collective control over their dynamics, with fellow mega-fan Cali Gomez ’23 commenting during the performances, “I think it’s amazing, they’re all so talented! I’m in awe!”

Alyssa Urea ’25 wows the crowd with her original Christmas tune. (Photo Credit: Anna Jordan)

The song-writing students performed their own original Christmas songs which completely blew me away. With songs on different instruments, in different languages, and of different tempos, these compositions were truly original wonders that left the audience wanting more. I couldn’t believe that Alyssa Urrea ’25 didn’t already have some kind of record deal in the works with her fabulous voice and heartfelt lyrics.

I would say that it’s a well-known fact that I am the lead groupie of Rosary’s orchestra and I wear that mantle with pride. With several gorgeous performances from movie soundtracks like the gorgeous theme of “Howl’s Moving Castle” and a familiar catalog of Christmas carols, I had the time of my life listening along with my fellow orchestra groupies. As Isabella Gutierrez ’23 so eloquently put it, “This concert put me in the Christmas spirit. More than Will Ferrell in ‘Elf.'”

Senior Bridgette Sanders absolutely shreds on her violin solo. (Photo Credit: Anna Jordan)

I should be stripped of my ‘journalist’ title if I ever fail to mention the talent of senior Bridgette Sanders, who performed an extremely difficult Lindsey Stirling violin solo that literally left my jaw on the floor. Yet another senior’s performance wowed the crowd as Chloe McNamara delivered Amy Winehouse’s “Tears Dry on Their Own” like an aria-loving diva in a snooty European opera house, leading me to the conclusion that with both Bridgette and Chloe poised to graduate this year, Lea Michele should make sure she has some kind of job security lined up in case one of them ends up in New York.

Overall, this year’s concert reminded me why I love Rosary’s performing art elective so much. As an amateur patron of the arts, I am always delighted by the talents of my fellow Royals just like Mandy Puga ’24, who professed, “I love seeing my friends perform and I always love supporting my friends in the music departments.”

Katriel Cenabre and Chloe McNamara glow after their performances. (Photo by: Anna Jordan)

If this review hasn’t convinced you to attend next year’s Christmas concert, I’ll let Isabella Gutierrez do all the convincing, as I believe she worded the showcase’s appeal perfectly: “Words cannot describe how much I love this show. There are three things I love: music, my fellow Royals, and Christmas. Sounds of the Season had it all. Plus, hot chocolate.”

Make sure to attend next year’s Christmas Concert! (Photo Credit: Anna Jordan)

Make sure to congratulate Mr. Rodriguez and these talented Royals on their excellent performances, and if you’re ever free a year from now on a Thursday night and have a hankering for some hot cocoa and Christmas cheer, you know where to go.