Tis the season: Rosary soccer is back


(Photo Provided by Emma Oskorus '23)

From left to right: Francesca McGuire ’23, Emma Oskorus ’23, and Briana Reyes ’24 smile big for their first game and first win of the season.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer and Social Media Director

This Tuesday, November 28, Rosary soccer kicked off their season with their very first game against La Habra High School.

Junior varsity played first, followed by the varsity team, who scored about twenty seconds into the second half, leading the girls with a 1-0 win. With a practically brand new junior varsity team full of freshman and a strong varsity team with seven new players, Rosary soccer is looking forward to a great season this year.

The girls on the team are extremely excited about what’s in store this season. Senior captain, Francesca McGuire shared, “Although I am sad it is my last year playing here, I can tell this season is already different from last year’s. The energy feels great, and after our first game I was so happy with the results especially considering the fact that four of our freshman were in the starting line up; I was so proud of them.”

Junior captain, Leah Gimenez, absolutely loves everything about the Rosary soccer season, and she loves the memories the team has created: “Soccer season is the best season. As much as I enjoy playing with my club team, I love being around the girls here on my high school team. We have made so many memories together, and there is never a dull moment. My favorite tradition is when we do a runway walk with everyone on the team before each game to bring the energy up and get everyone excited.”

Junior varsity captain, Jazzlyn Sandoval ’25, was also eager for the first game of her second year playing soccer at Rosary. Jazzlyn shared, “Even though I may have been a little timid to play with new girls that I have never played with before, everyone has worked so hard. I know that from each practice and each game we will continue to improve and make the best of this season.”

Now, let’s highlight the varsity’s team goal that led them to win the game. Freshman Jada Faison scored for the Royals in her very first high school game. She shared, “I was excited when I scored because we were so close to scoring multiple times in the first half, but we didn’t get a result. It also made me happy when I scored because all the girls on the field ran up to me and gave me a bunch of hugs.”

As a new team playing with each other for the first time—both junior varsity and varsity have only played one game—the girls were very proud of the results they got. Over the next few weeks, the girls will be preparing for new opponents and making memories with each other. Both junior varsity and varsity will continue their preseason for the rest of December, which will prepare them for their Trinity League games in January. Varsity will also be traveling to Arizona over winter break to play in a tournament and break in a couple of more games before their season starts.

Both teams next game is today, December 2, starting with junior varsity at 3:00 p.m. followed by varsity at 5:00 p.m. against Immaculate Heart. Come out and support if you can, and make sure to wish these girls good luck if you see them around the campus. Go Royals.

The Varsity team cheesing for their post-game photo.
(Photo Provided by Reagan Beuerlein ’23)
Amaya Faison ’26 captured in action. (Photo Provided by Justine Avalos ’23)