Why should you come to Rosary?


The class of 2023 smiling for a Rosary day picture! (Photo Provided by Rosary Academy)

Cadiz Salazar, Supervising Editor

To the future class of 2027,

With the deadline to apply to Rosary fast-approaching, there may be some hesitancy on where some of you may be choosing to go to high school. While you may be filling out your applications for Rosary, I am also submitting my college applications, so believe me when I say that I understand the fear of taking the next step into something new. But believe me when I say that there is truly something special about Rosary.

If Rosary is still on the cusp of your mind, I’ll give you the inside scoop…

The Sisterhood

I’m sure by now you’ve seen this word plastered across every Rosary pamphlet, social media post, or mural, but each time you see this phrase, know that it holds true. In being the only all-girls Catholic school in Orange County, I can say with certainty that the community at Rosary is unlike any other you will come across. I came my freshman year uncertain of the people I would meet, but over the years, I have developed some of the closest relationships.

Some of my favorite red and gold memories… there’s a ton more where those came from. (Photo Provided by Cadiz Salazar ’23)

Sometimes during mass, I sit and look around at all the familiar faces that I’ve gotten to know these past four years. I see people that have inspired me to become the best version of myself, with my class consisting of the kindest, funniest, and most dedicated people I’ve ever met. I’m certain by the time that you come to Rosary, you will find these people as well and create relationships you may have never thought possible.


Coming to Rosary gave me the opportunity to feel more confident in and out of the classroom—largely because of the all-girls atmosphere. I constantly feel encouraged by my teachers to speak up during class and to explore the multitude of extracurriculars that Rosary has to offer.

There are many huge transitions that you will all be going through in your upcoming freshman year: co-ed to all girls, middle school to high school, and, for some of you, possibly even public to private school. These are definitely not easy transitions but know that there is no other community like Rosary ready to uplift you through it all.

The class of 2023 practically looking like babies during a freshman year rally. (Photo Provided by Sylvia Salazar)

Leadership Opportunities

As just mentioned, one of the many ways Royals exhibit confidence on campus is through the many leadership opportunities available. With a range of activities such as ASB, sports, Campus Ministry, Ambassadors, 45+ clubs, Trinitas, and Mock Trial, there are many new ways to discover and try new things. Also, one of our biggest traditions, Red and Gold, calls for a multitude of leaderships positions like captains, producers, and white team!

Alex Bohn ’23, stated it perfectly by expressing, “Attending Rosary is great way to explore your passion for education without fear of judgement. I feel confidence in my ability to grow and strive for my academic goals.”

The class of 2023 juniors proudly showing off the spirit during during one of last years rallies! (Photo Credit: Cadiz Salazar ’23)


Faith is an integral part of Rosary and is combined into your four years in many different ways. For example, every year, each class participates in class retreats—a truly special time to bond with your classmates, discover more about yourself, and grow your relationship with God. “Serve the dear neighbor without distinction” is a phrase we hold dear at Rosary, and the many service projects you will complete within your four years will bring you closer to both your community and God.


I believe authenticity is one of the most special things that I have discovered within my time here. Because of all the of the things I just listed above, I’ve been able to use these tools and to help discover the best version of myself that I can be, and I am positive that you will too. I’ve been able to discover my true passions, interests, friends, and self—things I don’t think I would have been able to say if I attended anywhere else. It’s hard to think of any other school that encourages the craziness of putting together a student-run production or the silliness of bringing inflatable costumes to rallies but that’s exactly what Rosary does.

While this transition may be scary, something that makes Rosary so beautiful is the fact that you have no idea what adventures and pathways might come your way, but as long as you have trust in yourself and the amazing community you will be surrounded with for the next four years, it will all turn out alright.

If any of this sounds like something you would be slightly interested in experiencing—come to Rosary. It’s a decision you most definitely won’t regret.