A Royal winter rally


The judges vote on who will win. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez)

Victoria Gomez and Kathleen Martinez

In celebration of the winter season, Rosary hosted their annual winter sports rally on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Rosary ASB created a wonderful rally for all Royals and shadows to participate in. It featured an America’s Got Talent theme, sports teams, fun games, and even a surprise orchestra performance.

As soon as the seniors made their grand entrance, students were led in some Rosary cheers to show their school spirit. Later, the “judges” of the rally, in their America’s Got Talent  outfits, introduced the winter sports. Teams including basketball, soccer, water polo, wrestling, cheer, and dance were able to show videos of preparing for the season. At the end of the videos, each judge voted on if they would give the sport a green X of approval.

Students dressed as Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams, Mel B, and Heidi Klum. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez)

Later, the hosts called up some Royal Ambassadors and shadows to participate in a fun holiday game that included spinning, hula-hooping, and running. The audience enjoyed the festive tunes of Mariah Carey and other artists singing Christmas songs as the students were playing the game. After some falls from the participants and laughs from the audience, the game came to a close.

Even the shadows got to participate in the games. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez)

Then, the judges introduced a surprise act which was the Rosary Orchestra. They played a song using violins, a cello, and a piano, to advertise their annual Christmas concert. The audience was surprised by the great performance.

Finally, after all the fun and games, the time came for the judges to make their decision on the coveted  golden buzzer and spirit stick. Ultimately, the sophomores won both the spirit stick and the golden buzzer from the judges. The class ran to congratulate each other, and the rally ended on a great note.