Royal Spotlight: Bridgette Sanders’ 23

Bridgette Sanders ready to take on New York City!

Photo Provided by Bridgette Sanders

Bridgette Sanders ready to take on New York City!

Allison Lillestol, Copy- Editor

Who is Bridgette Sanders’ 23?

A lot of you know her amazing performances on the Trinitas Arts Conservatory stage or as a welcoming ambassador for Rosary. Or perhaps you know her as the President of the Thespian Board for Trinitas, troupe #4566, and as a beloved California State Thespian Officer. All in all, Bridgette is the go-to gal.

Being one of my best friends, I have seen how much Bridgette really does. Aspiring to major in Musical Theater, she takes part in many musical activities. I got the opportunity to sit down with Bridgette and get a breakdown of all her new projects as well as all her past accomplishments.

Bridgette Sanders standing in front of the Washington Square Arch. (Photo Provided by Bridgette Sanders )

Starting off strong, she first told me about a short film she was working on with senior Friar Nick Johnson. I know; I was impressed too. Last year, Bridgette played a character in a short film made by Nick Johnson and Servite graduate Donny Decano’ 22. The short film follows a teen girl struggling with anxiety to highlight how impactful anxiety is on everyday life.

Because she enjoyed the process so much, Bridgette, with the help of Nick, plans on writing and producing her own short film within the next year. Let the anticipation begin!

And if Christmas isn’t already magical enough, she is here to bring her own twist on beloved, classic Christmas songs. She also plans on writing her own Christmas song that will be released next year. With the help of her cousin, who works in production, she is recording covers of the iconic Christmas songs we all know and love. She describes it as something that, “feels like your Frank Sinatra and Doris Day and may even include a saxophone!” Being a huge Elliander (her band with Matt Ellersick ’23) fan, I know this song will easily become my new favorite song. Look out for this album next year!

Bridgette Sanders alongside her fellow castmates for The Sound of Music. (Photo Provided by Bridgette Sanders)

When she isn’t thinking up ideas for a short film or writing the next Grammy award-winning song, she spends her time volunteering at Glennwood Housing, teaching a dance class for residents. She was inspired to, “give back to such a welcoming community.” For an upcoming gala, Bridgette received the honor of helping choreograph a dance for the residents to perform. She said her favorite part was, “seeing the synchronization of the attitude and the joy everyone had. It was the most beautiful experience.” She “thanks her lucky stars” for the community she has grown with and will always be thankful for all the memories she has made.

With all this going on, it’s hard to believe she still has time for college applications. Bridgette plans on majoring in Musical Theater and pursuing a career in theater. For the past year, Bridgette has been traveling all across the country for auditions for over twenty schools. I know any and every school would love to say they have THE Bridgette Sanders at their school.

Although she’s applied to  amazing schools all over the country, she knows that, “New York is my place.” Even though she has always dreamed of having a she-shed, she is ready to trade it in for a “she-self,” as she puts it, to soak in all New York City has to offer. When asked

The best mom and daughter duo: Bridgette and Mrs. Sanders. (Photo Provided by Bridgette Sanders)

“Why New York?,” she said, “I am a people-person and it feels so natural to be surrounded by so many different people. You’ll never have the same day in New York.” I am 100% certain we will see Bridgette on Broadway one day no matter what school she attends.

Although Bridgette is a girl with many talents, the most notable part of Bridgette is hands down her unique style. I have never seen anyone rock a barette like she can. She says she “sees style as expression” and believes in reusing pieces and giving them “a new breath of fresh air.”

When asked who her biggest fashion inspiration was, she didn’t hesitate to say it was her lovely mom: Mrs. Dayna Sanders. They share lots of clothing to make unique outfits and love finding thrifted pieces. They are definitely my favorite mother-daughter duo.

All in all, I think it is fair to say that Bridgette is a rising star. She is beyond talented and has a bigger heart than anyone I know. Look out, you might just see her accepting her Grammy AND Tony in a few years!