A look inside Rosary’s art electives!


Photo Provided by Sam Guerrero

A look inside Sam Guerrero’s ’23 sketchbook

Allison Lillestol, Copy Editor

Rosary Academy wouldn’t be what it is without its many amazing art classes.

Rosary offers a range of classes from 2-D to 3-D art and an AP Art History class for students interested in the early origins of art.

Students have been working on developing their skills for the past few months and, as tradition, will be featured at the Festival of Arts in May. In addition, Rosary’s fine arts will be displayed in the Servite auditorium lobby before every Trinitas play and musical showing.

I got a chance to dive into what goes on in some of these beloved art classes!

Sam Guerrero’ 23 is a student in AP Studio Art: Drawing. In this class, students work on exploring their inquiry (a question students follow to

Megan Mendonca’ 23 starting her new project (Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol ’23)

guide their artworks) and presenting 15 art pieces for their portfolio, submitted to College Board at the end of the year, all while expanding their love of drawing. Sam shared, “I really love being a part of AP Studio Art: Drawing because it gives me creative freedom. I’m allowed to express my creativity in any medium I want to.” Recently, Sam’s art was showcased at a showing of Trinitas’ “Sense and Sensibility!”

Megan Mendonca‘ 23 takes the yearlong class Ceramics Studio. Students get to expand their knowledge from Ceramics 1 and are introduced to the wheel along with many other new techniques. Megan shared, “I took the class because I wanted to explore a different creative side of myself that I can’t explore in my other classes.” In this art class, students are given creative freedom to create their own, unique pieces.

Sometimes finding a medium, the materials you use in your art piece, can be tricky. Luckily for Kate Rosales 23, AP 3-D art encourages students to try many different mediums. For the past few months, AP 3-D art students have been creating many 3-D art pieces that follow a specific inquiry. Kate, who aspires to pursue art in college, shared, “I wanted to expand my art from 2-D to 3-D because I want to pursue illustration in my future.” Over the summer, Kate attended an art program at Otis College to take art classes and immerse herself in what a college art class is like.

An art piece created by Kate Rosales’ 23 (Photo Provided by Kate Rosales’23 )

For freshmen, it is very common to try out an art class for your elective. Classes like Photography, Graphic Design, Fundamentals of Art, and Ceramics 1 are well-loved among incoming freshmen. Freshman Harper Jane Clark ’26 shared her experience in Ceramics 1: “I heard a lot of people loved it when they did it their freshman year, and when else are you going to get the chance to do ceramics?”

Art classes are the best way to de-stress and create something meaningful and enjoyable. After taking many art classes myself, I can confidently advise fellow Royals to try out any art class, even if you have no prior knowledge. Take it from painter Bob Ross, “There is an artist hidden within every single one of us.”