Is “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” finally on its way?!


(Image taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

Taylor Swift performing during her Speak Now World Tour

Caela Cabal, Staff Writer

If you’re anything like me, and you keep up with Taylor Swift news, I’m sure you’ve heard the speculation surrounding her next Taylor’s Version album. For those who are unfamiliar with what Taylor’s Version is, don’t you fret–I’m here to explain.

The masters of Taylor’s older albums, while written by her, are not legally owned by her. At only fifteen-years-old, Swift signed a deal with Big Machine Records, giving them ownership of the masters. As a result, she was left with no decision-making power as to how her music was used. Scooter Braun later purchased Big Machine Records, gaining ownership of the masters, and sold them again to Shamrock Holdings.
Swift was unaware of such transactions, and all of the money gained went to people who had no involvement in the production of her music. In re-recording them, she is able to finally take ownership of her work and can control the way her music is used. Talk about girl power!

Now that you’re a Taylor Swift expert, let’s get into the juicy stuff.

So far, the only Taylor’s Version albums out are “Fearless” and “Red,” but word on the street is that “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” is in the works. I’d like to break down how exactly fans have come to form this theory.

It’s no secret that T-Swift is notorious when it comes to cleverly hinting at her upcoming projects. In her latest music video for “Bejeweled,” my Swiftie eye couldn’t help but notice all of the references to “Speak Now.” To casual Taylor Swift listeners, the beginning of the music video might seem like a typical opening scene; however, I am not a casual Taylor Swift listener. I heard a familiar tune playing in the background…I heard “Enchanted,” the ninth track of “Speak Now.” Right off the bat, Swift is not subtle with her incorporation of sneaky Easter eggs. I’m onto you, Blondie…

Additionally, there are tons of references to the number three, and “Speak Now” is Swift’s third album. First, the “03” on the clock. Second, the purple elevator button for the third floor. Last, the purple third floor (again)! The colors under each number clearly correspond with each album. Green for “Taylor Swift,” yellow for “Fearless,” purple for “Speak Now,” and so on. This leads me to believe one thing: her travel to the third floor may be hinting at what’s coming next.

Time surely is ticking! (Photo Credit: Taylor Swift on YouTube)
She couldn’t have made it any more obvious… (Photo Credit: Taylor Swift on YouTube)
Are you seeing this? (Photo Credit: Taylor Swift on YouTube)

As the video comes to a close, Swift is seen wearing two heart-shaped hair pins, but these are NOT just regular hair accessories. Inside the hearts, the bedazzled letters “S” and “N” are displayed. And what may those two letters mean, you ask? None other than SPEAK NOW!

I see what you’re trying to do, Taylor. (Photo Credit: Taylor Swift on YouTube)

Last but not least, in a YouTube short, Swift was sporting the ICONIC purple Speak Now dress with a “13” on her hand. If that isn’t the biggest, in-your-face, most obvious hint ever, I don’t know what is.

In actual shock right now. (Photo Credit: Taylor Swift on YouTube)

Emma Silva ‘23, a fellow Taylor Swift super-fan, expressed her longing for this album: “If I get to hear ‘Enchanted (Taylor’s Version)’ or any ‘From the Vault’ tracks within the next six months, I firmly believe that I will float across the graduation stage.” Me too, Emma. Me too.

However, while it may be clear that a new Taylor’s Version album is on its way, we have no idea when the release will be. Knowing that she’s working on it only makes the wait more brutal. Frankly, I don’t know how long I’ll last before I start messaging her on Instagram begging her to pick up her pace. But I must say I am so excited. “Speak Now” is an amazing album, and I’m looking forward to Taylor Swift finally owning the rights to this masterpiece.