Cozy book and movie recommendations


(Photo taken from @josiesilverauthor Instagram)

This book ruined me in the best way.

Daniela Arias, Editor-in-Chief

Recently, this icy cold weather has made me daydream about one thing and one thing only: sitting bundled in my bed with a piping hot chocolate and pan dulce at my disposal, all while watching a nostalgic movie or reading a comfort book.


Doesn’t that sound like perfection? But…the only problem my daydream poses is the crucial decision of picking the PERFECT movie or book. I don’t want something too sad, not anything too summery, and not something too intense—I just want something cozy.


To help out with those indecisive times, I’ve compiled a list of some of the coziest book and movies out there…


“One Day in December” by  Josie Silver

This book is one of my all time favorites and is the PERFECT fall/winter read. The book follows aspiring writer Laurie James, and the unconventional love story that ensues between a boy she saw at a bus stop…as her bus was taking off. This book makes you laugh, smile, frown, sob, and more, and believe me, I did all of those things when reading it.


“Just Friends”

This one is a cozy watch, AND it’s hilarious. Starring Ryan Reynolds, the movie follows big shot Chris Brander as he ventures back to his home town for Christmas and is sucked back in to his crush on his former best friend, Jamie Palamino. On top of being a hilarious rom-com, it’s also set through out Christmas time, so it makes for the perfect, warm and fuzzy holiday love story.


“Twilight” is the epitome of “fall vibes.” (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

The “Twilight” Saga by Stephenie Meyer *THE BOOK AND THE MOVIE*

Do I really need to explain??? You could spend nine hours and 18 minutes, wrapped up in a blanket in the dark, and successfully finish all the movies. Need I say more? Also, though I’ve never read the books, I’ve heard that they are the guilty pleasure of many. I know, I broke my Christmas movie/book theme, BUT, in Allison Lillestol’s ‘23 own words, “It gives off cozy fall vibes!”


“How to Be Single”

I really do love this movie. This story also takes place during Christmas time, and it’s also set in the place that looks best every Christmas—New York! Featuring Dakota Johnson as Alice, the movie shows Alice navigating her exciting and sometimes disappointing dating life in bustling New York. Aside from Johnson, the movie has a star-studded cast with big names like Rebel Wilson, Leslie Mann, Alison Brie, and more!


Ok, ok. Yea, I guess a majority of these ended up being Christmas flicks and reads, but can you blame me for associating coziness with Christmas? Make sure to comment your cozy movie and book go-tos below!