Farewell to fall back


Photo Provided by: Regina LeVecke

The fabulous LeVecke sisters in the Christmas spirit in 2020, thanks to fall back!

Reagan Beuerlein, Staff Writer and Social Media Director

Fall back struck us for probably the last time ever on Nov. 6, 2022. With the sun starting to set around 5, the days become shorter and mixed feelings arose. Some people are sad to come to the realization that summer is officially over, but many are happy for one major reason… Christmas!


Colleen Schmitt ‘23 says, “As much as it trips me out how it gets darker earlier, I can easily ignore it by the REAL meaning behind fall back. CHRISTMAS. The long nights mean hot chocolate by the fireplace, Christmas movies galore while being bundled up in cozy blankets, and Christmas light watching with my friends. This time of year is unmatched.”

Seniors Reagan Beuerlein and Colleen Schmitt in the dark Chick-fil-a drive thru, at 6 p.m., because the peppermint milkshakes are back! #thanksfallback (Photo Provided by: Havanna Pennington)


I agree with Colleen, but others may feel differently. The sun setting at 5 p.m. is very unsettling for students because they strongly believe that sunset is the time for bed. The dark starry night at 6 p.m. gets many in the mood for bed after their long and exhausting day. 


Senior Emma Silva states, “The time change has slapped me across the face. I don’t get sad or anything when the Sun goes down, but I am physically incapable of getting any work done when the sun is down. Once the light is out, Emma is out. Maybe I’m just enabling my own laziness, but I don’t care.”


Though it is tough for student, we definitely cannot forget about the teachers. Since she has a four-year-old and a two-year-old, Mrs. Flati has a different perspective on fall back. She says, “Surprisingly, this year has been better than years past. Normally it is a nightmare because of my two young boys, Luca (four-years-old) and Beni (two-years-old). It makes them wake up sooner, due to the fact that the sun is out earlier in the morning. But luckily, I haven’t faced as many problems in the past.” 

Clearly, fall back is polarizing; however, this might be the last time we hear about it because in 2023, fall the Senate passing a bill to eliminate this time change. For anti-fall-backers, this might be great news. For others, this might be deeply upsetting.

Regardless, make sure your clocks are reset and bundle up, Royals!