Taylor Swift tickets are the Hunger Games


Were you able to get tickets? (Photo Credit: Variety)

Emma Silva, Supervising Editor

I want a formal apology from Joe AND Jill Biden , Taylor Swift, the CEO of Ticketmaster, Michelle Obama (she knows why), the LA Rams, and Liam Payne (I know his grimy little hands had something to do with this).

If you weren’t aware, Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” presale tickets were released. 

This was such a disaster it sparked a national debate about the Ticketmaster monopoly. 

Several Royals, including myself, were in the trenches trying to get tickets to see Taylor. 

Presale originally went on sale at 9 a.m. The website was so packed that the site crashed and the sale was pushed to 2 p.m.

The Ticketmaster que is not for the weak. (Photo Provided by Caela Cabal)

Senior Charlotte Jordan said, “It was awful. It was one of the most arduous experience that I’ve ever been through. I was in the queue for two hours before I moved. Finding actual tickets I could buy took another 45 minutes. I ended up succeeding, but it took the soul out of me.”

The battle may be brutal, but the results are worth it. (Photo Credit: Charlotte Jordan)

Several fans enlisted the help of family and friends to get help. Our own Mrs. Godfrey had her husband go to war in the Ticketmaster queue. She said, “Now, as you know, the pre-sale was during my workday, so I enlisted my husband to go through the process for me. Leaving it in his hands was probably the most nerve-racking thing about it, because if something went wrong, unfortunately I’d have to blame him. I did send a very detailed email itinerary for him to follow, but you just never know.”

I asked my dad to get tickets, and my poor father was in the trenches. I received several frantic texts and apologies. Dad if you’re reading this, thank you for your service.