Layla goes Lancer


Senior Layla Langrell signs her commitment to California Baptist University’s STUNT program. (Photo from @rosarysports on Instagram).

Adriana Arroyo, Assistaint Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, Senior Layla Langrell signed her commitment to cheer for California Baptist University’s STUNT program, and will be furthering both her academic and athletic careers at the Division I level. CBU Athletics has gained recognition as one of the best programs in the nation, and Layla is very excited to join the Lancer family.

Layla competing with her all-star team. (Photo provided by Layla Langrell ’23).

Layla has been cheering for ten years, starting at just seven years-old: “Even though that seems pretty young, seven is very late to join all-star cheerleading,” she shared. Layla began her athletic career at California All-Stars Cheer Complex, where she learned hard-work and dedication through endless hours of practice and conditioning. Layla is now a part of South Coast Cheer, and is currently on their back-to-back world champion team, ‘Fearless.’

Layla and her teammates pose for a picture in celebration of a big win. (Photo provided by Layla Langrell ’23).

Although Layla has cheered for most of her life, she has never done STUNT, an exciting head-to-head sport incorporating skill-based routines in various categories, such as tumbling, pyramids, tosses, and team performances. Nonetheless, Layla is very excited, and feels honored to have been recruited by CBU: “Signing to CBU is a big milestone for me, because I worked really hard to get where I am now,” she shared.

Layla also greatly appreciates this opportunity to continue her cheer involvement, and is excited to play sports at a collegiate level: “I am excited to do STUNT because it’s yet another new experience for me. I really can’t wait to travel for tournaments and games as the season progresses,” she said.

Beyond her college years, Layla plans to become a cheer coach and share her love of the sport with future generations: “Though STUNT does not go farther than college, I want to continue on in the cheer world as a coach, and hope to lead a high school team one day,” she explained.

Congratulations to Layla for this exciting announcement; your hard work truly paid off! Rosary is excited to see you accomplish great things throughout this next adventure.