Cold weather takes over Rosary


Photo Provided By: Mandy Puga

Mandy Puga ’24 taking a warm nap under her fantastic Rosary parka.

Lianna Enright, Copy Editor

Given that Rosary is located in Southern California, the minute it falls below 70 degrees, it might as well be Antarctica. If you came onto Rosary’s campus at any point during the last week, you would have seen girls wearing parkas and blankets in disbelief of the cold weather. If you didn’t know what the temperature was, you might think it was below freezing. Let’s see how some of Rosary’s students are dealing with the cold while going to school. 

Rosary students are taking advantage of the cold weather and unearthing their cute winter clothes such as the parkas that have been collecting dust in their closet since last year’s winter. However, Paige Sorensen ’24 loves her parka too much to part with it during California’s near year round summer: “I love wearing my fleece-lined Servite parka from 1994 year-round. It’s my mom’s, and it keeps me extra cozy when the classrooms get chilly. When girls start bringing blankets and parkas, I feel less stupid than when I wear it and it’s 94 degrees outside.”

Paige Sorensen ’24 smiling because she’s wearing her parka to save her from getting frostbite. (Photo Credit: Lianna Enright ’24)

Many Royals have decided to bring blankets to school as a way to stay warm and still be able to feel like you’re in bed, or at least as close to it as possible. Personally, I love this trend going around Rosary. However, I have received mixed messages about my blue coffee blanket I carry around all day. I have gotten many compliments on my blanket regarding how soft and cute it is, but I’ve also been told that I look ridiculous. Honestly, as long as I’m warm, I’m okay with looking ridiculous.

Lianna Enright ’24 trying to stay alive at 7 a.m. during her zero period Campus Ministry class. (Photo Credit: Allison Clark ’24)

I’m not the only Rosary student that feels this way. Madison Bautista ’24 shares why she brings her blanket to school: “I like my blanket because it is from my childhood and has the Little Twin Stars on it. It keeps me really warm, and I love how comfy it makes me feel during class.” 

Although blankets may be very popular with the students, some teachers don’t feel the same way. Ms. Barclay ’94 has some very strong opinions regarding blankets being carried around school: “I personally think students wearing blankets wrapped around themselves at school is absurd. Have these students ever heard of a sweater or a jacket? And what about tights or pants? Good Lord have mercy. What is wrong with kids today?” I can’t say I agree with this in the slightest, but as long as she doesn’t make me take it off during class, I guess she’s entitled to her own opinion. 

Even though the abundance of blankets and parkas at Rosary may be a little controversial and, dare I say it, slightly dramatic, there’s no doubt that it adds some comfort and fun to the school day and makes  the cold a little more tolerable.