Halloween at Rosary: teacher edition


Photo Credit: Madison Roach '24

Rosary’s amazing teachers showing off their love for Halloween.

Lianna Enright, Copy Editor

Halloween at Rosary is kind of a big deal. If you step onto the campus on Halloween, it’s unlikely that you’ll see someone dressed in their regular uniform. This not only includes the students, but the teachers too. In all honesty, the teachers might be more serious about their Halloween costumes than the students. 

Let’s take a look at what some of Rosary’s teachers decided to dress up as this year for Halloween.

To start us off strong, Mrs. Rivera, the ASL teacher, did the absolute most and dressed up as Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” Not only was the costume itself perfect, but she also went the extra step and did a fabulous job with the makeup in order to get fully into character. 

Mrs. Rivera’s impressive recreation of Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” (Photo Credit: Lianna Enright ’24)

Mrs. Kappe ’03, one of our Spanish teachers, decided to dress up as a pirate. She really went all out on this costume by including all the necessary accessories to perfect her look including a hook, a bandana, and an eye patch. 

Mrs. Kappe ’03 getting into character to show off her costume details. (Photo Credit: Lianna Enright ’24)

One of our amazing English teachers, Ms. Barclay ’94, decided to show off her love for one of America’s founding fathers by dressing up as Benjamin Franklin. This may seem a little strange if you aren’t familiar with Ms. Barclay, but none of the students were really surprised; this was a classic Ms. Barclay move. However, she did mention that she just happened to already have this costume in her closet prior to Halloween… I decided it was in my best interest not to ask any questions. 

Ms. Barclay ’94 being Ms. Barclay and posing as the founding father in her creative costume. (Photo Provided By: Ms. Barclay ’94)

Mr. Kim, a new addition to Rosary’s religion department, dressed up as Snape from “Harry Potter.” Personally, my favorite part of this costume was the wig. It definitely pulled the costume together and made it come to life.

Mr. Kim absolutely rocking his wig that brings his costume to life. (Photo Credit: Lianna Enright ’24)

One of Rosary’s wonderful math teachers, Mrs. Neild, dressed up as a Starbucks barista. She definitely succeeded on the details of the costume by including the Starbucks apron and the Starbucks cup. She also threw in the hat and the flannel to fit the season as the weather gets colder and we grow closer to winter. 

Mrs. Neild posing as your friendly local starbucks barista. (Photo Credit: Lianna Enright ’24)

These are only some of the incredible costumes Rosary teachers came up with. Students and teachers love dressing up and being able to show their funny and creative side. Rosary’s school spirit definitely brings the holiday season to life!