Rosary and Servite student’s experience at Harryween


Harry and his band killed it in their Grease-themed Halloween costumes. (Photo taken from Harry Styles Instagram)

Julianna Ortiz, Staff Writer

Halloween: the one night a year where students ignore their homework to go trick-or-treating with their family or watch scary movies with their friends. However, a few lucky Rosary and Servite students had the opportunity to attend Harryween (aka the Harry Styles concert on Halloween.)

Harry styles was definitely waving at me in this exact moment. (Photo Credit: Julianna Ortiz)

Of the 15 nights Harry Styles is performing at the Kia Forum, the concert on Halloween is by far the most desired. Some people were crazy enough to start camping outside the venue three days prior to the concert. In my opinion, that seems very excessive considering that Servite senior Matt Ellersick ’23 and I showed up 3 hours before the concert began and still had an amazing view of Mr. Styles. Matt and I were lucky to score tickets for the pit section of the venue; however, sitting in any seat of the forum is worth the price on Harryween.

Matt and I were in incomprehensible shock following Harry’s Hopelessly devoted cover. (Photo credits: Matthew Ellersick)

Seniors Trista Verne ’23 and Emma Silva ’23 were pretty far up in their seats, but they were grateful to even be in the same room as Harry and his band on Halloween. Trista shared, “I don’t really care what angle or distance I’m seeing Harry. But all I know is my life has peaked and I will never recover from seeing him with jet black hair and dressed as Danny Zuko.”

Although many of us worked tiresome hours on Ticketmaster to buy these tickets, Senior Samara Deleon ’23 was somehow able to buy a ticket just 1 day before the concert. Samara shared, “Thanks to the Jordans selling their extra ticket, I was able to impulsively go to Harryween, and I will never ever regret that decision.”

Harry Styles absolutely slaying his guitar as he sings his hit song Daylight. (Photo Credit: Julianna Ortiz)

One of the best parts about Harryween is that everyone dresses up in their best Halloween costumes, even the band. I had been planning my Black Swan costume since I bought the tickets last May, but when I showed up at the venue, I saw about 50 more clones of myself; however, I think I did Black Swan the most justice. Emma Silva shares “It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to be, but then I looked at my lock screen of ballerina Harry, and I knew what I needed to be. It was fairly easy to put together, and I ended up loving the result.”

Many people were positive that Harry and his band would dress up as characters from Beetlejuice, including myself, due to a very convincing Instagram post. However, when his band started to get up on stage while the song “You’re The One that I want” was playing, we all instantly knew that they would be dressed as characters from Grease.

Trista dressed as Lady Gaga struggles to leave the Forum after what she just experienced. (Photo Credits: Trista Verne)

Knowing that in the past Harryweens Harry has performed a cover song, I immediately started hoping that he would sing “Hopelessly Devoted to You.” But when my manifestations actually came true, I was in pure shock. I truly believe that hearing Harry Styles sing this song altered my brain chemistry and I will never recover. Senior Charlotte Jordan’23 shares, “The Hopelessly devoted cover might be the peak of my teenage life. Getting to see Harry Styles show off his vocals with such an iconic song still gives me chills.”

Attending any Harry Styles concert is an amazing opportunity, but Harryween is just so much more special, and I apologize to anyone who didn’t get to see Harry perform as the iconic Danny Zuko. But don’t worry, there’s still a couple more shows left in LA, so go out and buy your tickets to get the Harry Styles Experience.