64th annual Servite Fashion Show: one for the books


Photo Provided by Servite High School

64th annual Servite Highschool Fashion Show.

Reagan Beuerlein and Emma Oskorus

Senior model Cole O’Hara with his beautiful mom, sister, and fabulous dad. (Photo Provided by Shannon O’Hara)

This past Sunday, October 23, Servite high school held their largest fundraiser, and event of the year—the fashion show. The Royal Reporter published an article back in September about the models in the show and their overall emotions about having to perform in front of a large crowd.

After weeks of rehearsals, fittings, and constant hard work, the models finally made their debut on the runway, and we wanted to do a follow up on how their experience went.

Cadiz Salazar ‘23 and Victoria Gomez ‘23 enjoyed their first time experience on the runway. As with the other models, including Emma Oskorus and Reagan Beuerlein, all the girls had so much fun together even while having to walk in five to six inch heels, and a Kim Kardashain slicked back hairstyle. Even with pounds of makeup on, and a whole bottle of hairspray in all of the girls’ hair, they did their best to stun everyone with a fantastic runway walk. 

The boys fitted up before walking on the runway in front of over 700 people. (Photo Provided by Katie Rossetti)

Cadiz shared, “I was so nervous walking on because I felt like we barely practiced prior to the actual show. Although, once I got out there, it wasn’t as scary. When it was over, I felt so relieved and everyone did such a great job. Overall, it was such a great experience, and I’m happy I had the opportunity to be a part of it.”

Because everyone had to model clothes we would not wear on a daily basis, it was very entertaining as to how everyone made it look effortless on the runway. Victoria shared, “I am sad that the fashion show ended, and it was definitely one of the best experiences I have had during my senior year. I enjoyed my first outfit, it was very comfy and cozy, and made me want to buy it. I wore a cute hat, and the fluffy, flannel coat was the best part.”

Even though each girl in the show modeled two outfits, the boys had some more responsibility due to the fact they were required to model three outfits. The first two outfits were casual, but for their final outfits, which were tuxedos, they performed a choreographed dance to everyone’s favorite song, “Late Night Talking” by Harry Styles. When their performance was over, all the boys walked out with their mothers, who were also in the show.  to honor and have a sentimental moment together on the stage. 

Gorgeous model mama Mrs. Leslie Olsker with her model son Jack Boschetti after leaving absolutely no crumbs on the runway. (Photo Provided by Carlie Boschetti)

Although the girls had a fantastic time performing in the fashion show, the boys had a great experience as well. Jack Boschetti ‘23 shared, “It was something I’ll never forget. I was so nervous, and felt like I was going to pee myself right before I went on stage. The adrenaline rush was unreal, and that feeling after I exited the runway was great. I was thankful once it was over, but I cherished the moment with my friends and my mom.” 

They may have been nervous, but at the end of the day, the boys were all proud of themselves for going out there and performing their absolute best. Cole O’Hara ‘23 shared, “After rehearsing so many times, the actual fashion show felt like it went by fast, but I remember feeling super confident during the show; however, I will admit my main focus was simply trying to get the choreography right. Once it was over, I felt both satisfied and exhausted. I found modeling to be fun, and I would do it again if given the chance, but after the show, I really just wanted to sleep.” 

Nicholas Rossetti ‘23 and Hudson Hamar ‘23, also provided insight on their perspective of how the fashion went. From the clothes they wore, to the adrenaline before walking on stage, to finally walking off the stage and hearing everyone cheer for you, the show was quite the experience. Hudson shared, “Going into the fashion show was very nerve wracking because it was something definitely out of my comfort zone. Once we got up there, all the nerves kind of went away, and we just had fun with it. Once it was over, it was such a relief.” 

Nicholas shared, “The fashion show was a lot of fun. Some of the clothes we wore, I actually kind of liked wearing. When it was over, I was kind of sad because all the practices leading up to the show were actually fun. Overall, I am glad I had the opportunity to model with my friends, and enjoy the experience.” 

Servite’s annual fashion show was a great success this year. All the models worked so hard to perform their best and walk out on the runway with confidence. Although most of the outfits were completely out of everyone’s comfort zone, everyone still made the best of it. The energy from the audience made the show ten times better. This is a great tradition for both Rosary and Servite students to participate in something different, but fun at the same time. 

If there was a phrase to describe the models’ performances at the fashion show, it would most definitely be that “they all ATE.” (ATE= a modern day phrase that means “you killed it!”)