That’s a wrap on Kairos 63!

Thats a wrap on Kairos 63!

Brynn Beauchamp, Staff Writer

After a long week of outpouring love, the seniors have returned from Kairos! Since this is one of the many sacred traditions at our school, it is widely know that “what happens at the mission, stays at the mission.” However, after recently attending the retreat, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share my experience and let others reminisce too!

So, for all the current seniors or underclasswomen out there who are questioning whether or not they want to attend Kairos, here’s what we have to say to you…


You only get two chances max to attend this retreat, so if you can go… GO! I can promise you will always get something out of uncomfortable experiences. The retreat itself is such an imbedded part of Rosary Academy’s persona and culture, that I would even admit I think that’s why I signed up in the first place. However, since attending Kairos, I have realized that any reason to attend this retreat is reason enough. Frankie McGuire ’23 explained, “I do not regret going on Kairos one bit! It totally changed my perspective on the world while connecting me closer to God. I would say you have to go. It changed my life. I promise it can change yours too!”

The new Kairos Alumni pose for their group picture. (Photo credit: Jess Hermosillo)


Prior to Kairos, I heard many stories of the retreat being life changing for my friends. So for someone who likes to know exactly what they are getting into, this is what I expected for my Kairos retreat. But, I soon came to learn that life-changing for my friend wasn’t life-changing for me in the same ways. You could come out of the retreat a completely new person or an even better version of the person you were before. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the process. It is so much more fun when you embrace the whole experience. Life changing isn’t always big and drastic like you would imagine, but life changing can even mean realizing just how much value your existence brings to the world. Your experience will be what you make of it, and I promise in the end you will feel amazing!


Before we left for Kairos, I heard many of my friends note that they were “scared” or “nervous” to be attending Kairos. As soon as Kairos began, all of those feelings flew right of the window. Kairos is not scary—it is a loving, safe, and incredibly amazing retreat. Chloe McNamara ’23 expressed, “I was so nervous about Kairos mostly because I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy it or not, and I was especially scared because I didn’t feel I would be able to open up and trust people I don’t usually spend time with. When I got there though, it was so much fun. I became really good friends with everyone in my group and ended up loving it. I was so happy, and it was hands down one of the best experiences of my life!!!”

POV: Jess uses us to try out the lighting on her camera. (Photo credit: Jess Hermosillo)


Kairos is a way of living, a way of thinking, and a way of acting. I know many of you have seen the “Live the Fourth” shirts around campus before and while I can’t quite disclose what that means, in your own time you will understand too! So, don’t anticipate anything, don’t ask for information about the retreat, and most importantly, don’t even spread what you do already know (especially all of you alumnae sibs out there).


There you have it. Kairos is worth it in every aspect. Please go if you are contemplating—I promise the experience is amazing for everyone in so many ways. Open your heart and allow yourself this down time to reflect on who you are and what you believe in for a few days. Remove yourself from the hustle of the average week and the stress of all your responsibilities. Just go.