Rosary’s weird snacks and food recommendations


Trista Verne’s most recent food combination is to eat a caramel apple lollipop then take a sip of diet coke. (Photo Credit: Julianna Ortiz)

Julianna Ortiz, Staff Writer

Everyone has a strange food combination that they have a soft spot for. Some are definitely worse than others.

After asking many Rosary students what their most random food combinations were, this is what they said:

Adriana Arroyo ’23 shared that one of her favorite after school snacks is pickles dipped in mustard. She claims that the vinegar in both the pickles and the mustard creates the best melding of flavors you could ever dream of.

This combination does not sound too rancid; however, I am not a pickle girl, so I would probably not eat this snack. You might be, so try it out if you like eating straight vinegar.

Megan Martinez ’24 has a few food combinations that are quite interesting. Her first snack is mashed potatoes and tortilla chips: “I have been eating tortilla chips and mashed potatos for my entire life. To be honest I don’t understand why people think it’s weird.” Her second random snack is putting cream cheese on tortillas. For her last snack, you may need to brace yourself. One of Megan’s favorite things to drink is warm vanilla milk.

Of all of Megan’s snack recommendations, I think the tortilla with cream cheese might be okay to eat, but is just a little bland for my taste buds. The warm vanilla milk is pushing it too far, and I don’t see myself trying it anytime soon.

Megan Martinez shows her classmates her favorite snack: tortilla chips dipped into mashed potatoes. (Photo credit: Paloma Borsari)

Zoe Borowski ’24 shared, “Avocados and ranch are the best food combo. Don’t knock it till you try it!”

I am not opposed to trying this combination; however, the textures don’t seem to mesh very well.

Anayra Reynoso ’26 shared that one of her favorite food combinations is eggs with ketchup. The first time she tried this combination was when her cousin introduced it to her. She said, “It’s honestly so good, and now I can’t eat eggs without ketchup.”

Personally, I don’t love eggs in general; however, this combination seems like it is worth a try.

Anayra loves taking aesthetic pictures of her eggs and ketchup combinations. (Photo credit: Anayra Reynoso)

Samara Deleon ’23 shared that whenever she eats soup, she must put a large scoop of sour cream on top. She admits, “It is not the most appetizing looking when mixed together; however, it is delicious and everyone should try it.”

Samara loves this pale, pink monstrosity she calls soup. (Photo credit: Samara Deleon)

Saving the best for last, I have a food combination suggestion: graham crackers dipped in cream cheese. The first time I tried this snack, my mind was completely opened. This is so delicious; it’s the best lazy recipe for cheesecake.

Each of these random food combinations or snacks is questionable, but on the other hand, I can see why they might be somewhat edible.