Best Halloween costumes


Beautiful shot of Florence Pugh as May Queen in “Midsommar.” (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License)

Trista Verne and Layla Langrell

The best holiday of all time is just around the corner, and what better way to prepare than to list our best ideas for Halloween costumes?

1. Maleficent and Aurora

This costume is not only super cute but it hasn’t been overdone yet. With Maleficent, you could wear a super cute black tutu or skirt with a black tank top. To top it off, you have to make sure you have the iconic Maleficent horns. For Aurora, you could find a super cute pink corset and a pink tutu or skirt. Make sure to wear that tiara to complete the costume!

The perfect duos costume for friends who feel they are each other’s opposites. (Photo taken from Google Images via Creative Commons License).

2. Dani from “Midsommar”

What better Halloween costume then dressing up as a Florence Pugh character? Although this particular costume from this movie has a dark twist behind it, the overall costume is beautiful and honestly really unique. If you want a more simple look you could find a floral printed dress and wear a pretty flower crown to solidify the look.

3. Lava Girl from “The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl”

If you want an excuse to wear a super extra and bright pink wig, this is your chance! Lava Girl is also a super easy costume to find on Amazon at the last minute. Just search for all pink pants, top, and most importantly, knee high boots.

Sabrina Carpenter absolutely slaying this lava girl costume. (Photo taken from @sabrinacarpenter on Instagram).

4. “Alice in Wonderland”

There are so many iconic characters from the world of “Alice in Wonderland.” You could be the Queen of Hearts, Alice, or the Mad Hatter. For the Queen of Hearts, just wear  a red top with a black tutu with cards glued onto it. You can add cards into your hair and on your shirt. Alice just needs a blue dress, a white apron, and a black headband. These characters are iconic and perfect for a cute Halloween costume.

5. Dorothy from “Wizard of Oz”

Who would not want to wear the same Halloween costume as Harry Styles? The answer is no one! To wear this iconic outfit, you need a gingham blue dress, a basket, and a pair of red sparkly shoes. To top it off, do pigtails and tie in white ribbons. If you are feeling extra fancy, you could bring your dog along for a night of trick or treating.

Harry Styles stunningly pull off the Dorothy costume at his Halloween concert last year. (Photo taken from @harrystyles on Instagram).

Although these are the absolute best ideas known to man-kind, there are plenty more Halloween Costumes out there to pick from. Whether you choose one from our list or one from Pinterest, make sure to pull out all the stops this Halloween.