A freshman homecoming


Picture Provided by Addison Hansen

A big group of Rosary Freshmen before the Homecoming dance.

Reagan Beuerlein and Colleen Schmitt

Saturday, October 1, was the annual Homecoming Dance at Servite High School. This was the first opportunity for the freshman class to attend a formal dance. They all got to experience a fun time and soon they will be able to look back on their photos and cringe like the rest of us (even thought they looked great). 

Freshman Emily Diep tells us that she “had so much fun with her friends at HOCO: I got really lucky to have found my forever friends already. They are all amazing people who know how to have fun. We danced the night away, but it was a little hard because the music was just okay. But friends make everything better, so I had an amazing night.”

Another freshman also had a lovely evening. Freshman Addison Hasen said, “Overall, I had an amazing time. I enjoyed being able to dance with my friends and being comfortable with my date. Even though I am a freshman with little experience, I definitely recommend going with a friend from middle school. It allowed me to feel more comfortable in this new and intimidating environment.”

Eyes on Addison Hansen because she looks absolutely wonderful her freshman year. (Photo Provided by Lauren Hansen)

Brigid LeVecke ‘26 shared her first experience: “It was pretty good. I mean, we are freshmen so it was kind of awkward, but it was still a lot of fun.” It is common for the freshmen to be a little nervous and awkward at dances, but they will learn by the end of high school it is so much more fun to be themselves and dance their hearts out.

Precious angel Brigid LeVecke smiling, excited for where her first dance will take her. (Photo Provided by Regina LeVecke)

While others try to cover up the fact that their first HOCO went well, some are honest. Freshman year is a very awkward year. As seniors, looking back at our freshman year and the awkward transition to high school, it makes us question whether their first dance could have really gone so perfectly. Nevertheless, it also makes us happy to know they had a good time with their friends and dates. Friends can quite literally make everything better, no matter what.