Strengthen the Legacy on Oct. 4: The Day of Giving!


Photo Credit: Servite High School

Brotherhood. Sisterhood. Family.

Sydney Rosario, Staff Writer

The Third Annual Day of Giving: 24 hours. 2 schools. 1 community.

Dun. Dun. Dun!

For years, Rosary Academy and Servite High School have had a strong bond like no other schools. The finale at Red and Gold and the Asylum at football games are experiences that run parallel with complete and utter school pride and chaos. Recognized as brother-sister schools, siblings and family members attend either Rosary or Servite, and many students are more than familiar with these beloved traditions. Integrating and instilling the family community, Rosary and Servite unite forces for the benefit of both schools through much-appreciated donations.

Rosary and Servite siblings displaying their school pride. (Photo Credit: Servite High School)

The joint contribution of Day of Giving recognizes that to continue the legacy of both schools, donations are favorable. To keep the Rosary-Servite community strong for generations, please donate! This opportunity only happens for one day, Oct. 4! Make sure to mark your calendars.

Tell your parents, grandparents, Rosary Alumnae, and Servite Alumni to support and express theirĀ  gratitude for both schools’ coveted single-sex Catholic education. Who knows, maybe the students will receive another free t-shirt!

Hurry, this is a one-day opportunity to donate on Oct. 4! Please support the schools for current and future Royals and Friars! Let’s strengthen the legacy!

Here is the link to donate: