Hoco Prep


PC: Gigi Oskorus

Sisters Emma Oskorus ’23 and Samantha Oskorus ’25 smiling preciously for their beautiful mom.

Reagan Beuerlein, Staff Writer and Social Media Director

Here we are ladies and gentlemen! HOCO is officially right around the corner, and for us ladies, we cannot wait to get all pampered and ready for the night. But, as we all know it doesn’t happen over night. So here is a little outline of what a HOCO week of scheduling, stress, and excitement looks like.

The week of…

Besties Jada Alexis ’23 and Emma Vasquez ’23 smiling happily because of  the outcome of their prep. (Photo Credit: Reagan Beuerlein)

Five more days until Homecoming 2022 is here. Scheduling is a CRUCIAL part into a girl’s prep for any ‘big’ event. SO many things that MUST be done for us to look and feel our best. You know what they say, when you look good, you feel good. We need to get our nails done all fresh for the night, make sure our eyelashes and makeup are ready to go, our spray tans to look fabulous and golden with zero splotches, our dresses ready and altered to fit our beautiful bodies and for our two pairs of shoes to be ready. That’s right. TWO pairs of shoes. One for pictures in our heels, and also our tennis shoes so we can eat up the dance floor comfortably.

Claire Heidleman ‘24 talks on behalf of the student body about why heels are for pictures and pictures ONLY, and why tennis shoes are specifically for the dance. She says, “Being the fabulous dancer I am, I cannot wait to bless everyone’s eyes with my greatness. The only way I am able to do that is in tennis shoes… My platform Converse, to be specific. There is absolutely no doubt I can still eat up the dance floor in my heels, but the tennis shoes are a necessity so I don’t break an ankle.” No broken ankles here. While some of us are (for the most part) ready, others are having struggles.

Leah Gimenez ’24 and Gathyah Garcia ’24 leaving no crumbs. (Photo Credit: Sherry Diep)

Francesca McGuire ‘23 says with much panic, “It is a day before homecoming and I STILL do not have a dress. Am I surprised? No. This happens to me every year before every dance. Normally they come the week of, but this year, we are cutting it close.” Thankfully, she has the best of friends who have her back with the best positivity and backup dresses for her. They keep reminding her that everything will be okay, and it will be the best, last HOCO.

As we have read, HOCO prep is no joke. So many emotions are being felt, hopefully good ones. But every year one thing remains the same: the Rosary student body slays repeatedly for homecoming. No crumbs are ever left when it comes to any formal event. So no matter the stress, smiles, tears, or laughs, everything we prep for HOCO is worth it in the end.