Morgan Brkich is going to GCU


Photo Credit: Kendall Clarida

Morgan Brkich ’23 with her goody bag GCU sent to Rosary for her acceptance!

Kendall Clarida, Supervising Editor

As a senior, I am familiar with the stress of college applications and decisions. Many seniors are debating whether to apply early decision, early action, or regular decision, as well as debating between colleges. As seniors stress over their life-altering choices, one of our very own, Morgan Brkich ’23, has already committed to Grand Canyon University. I am envious of her commitment and thought she could give some advice. So, here is some insightful information about Morgan’s application and commitment to GCU.

Q: Why GCU?

A: The reason I picked GCU is because of its amazing nursing program. My cousin also goes there. The campus is also gorgeous, and it is a fairly small school. I learned while looking at different colleges that I love the small schools and big schools just stress me out.

Q: When did you apply?

A: I applied at the beginning of August.

Q: How did the application process work?

A: The application process was really easy. You go on the GCU website, click “apply,” and it’s a free application without a college essay. All you have to do is write about yourself and all of your accomplishments.

Q: What are some reasons you are glad you applied early?

A: Well, first off, I’m not stressed out about college while dealing with all my school work. Another thing is I don’t need to worry about writing college essays, so to everyone doing their Common Apps right now, I wish you luck.

Q: What are you looking forward to most for college?

A: I am looking forward to dorm life and being able to make new friends in a new environment, as well as living on my own and being independent.

Q: Most importantly…what was in your GCU goody bag?

A: A plush of Thunder (their mascot), a lot of stickers, a wireless charger with the GCU logo, a balloon that says “Congrats from GCU,” a note from my GCU counselor, and a lanyard.

I am so proud (and jealous) of Morgan’s accomplishments, and can’t wait to see the places she goes in college.