In Defense of Mr. Styles


This is objectively awful, but not every outfit can be a total slay. (Photo taken from: harryflorals on Instagram)

Emma Silva, Supervising Editor

It’s bad, I know.


Harry Styles, my one true love, the man I would throw myself in front of a bullet for, has recently been embarrassing me a little in the media.


I am here to act as Mr. Styles fierce defender. It is my personal goal to redeem his current public image.

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room. NO HE DID NOT SPIT ON CHRIS PINE. Moving on…

Harry was asked what he likes most about his movie, “Don’t Worry Darling.” He responded with something along the lines of, “I like the movie, because it feels like a movie.” Now this is objectively the most stupid and vapid answers of all time. However, I feel we are being too hard on poor Harold.


I think what Harry is trying to get at is the cinematic experience as a whole for the movie. My best translation of his braincell-less answer is, “What I like the most about this movie is that it really embraces the cinematic experience of the viewer, and exceeds in all aspects of filmmaking, meaning cinematography, sound design, script, costumes, etc.”


Also, we have to remember, Harry isn’t really allowed to say much about the movie. That would be like Mark Hamill telling an interviewer that his favorite part of “Empire Strikes Back” is when Darth Vader is revealed to be his father, BEFORE the movie came out. Spoilers are super hard to avoid when you’re talking about the same movie for two hours, so cut my boy some slack.


Harry has been media trained since he was a little 16-year-old boy in One Direction. He has never really flopped. We need to cut him some slack. Everyone has their moments. Leave him alone.


Another one of Harry’s offenses has been his recent flops of tour outfits. We need to remember that he doesn’t choose his own outfits most of the time. Yeah, the chevron print is rancid. And yeah, the polka dots are sickening. But not every outfit can be a slay. If we can excuse how god-awful half of Zoey Deschanel outfits are, we can excuse a few minor slays.

Yeah, this one wasn’t great, but I love him nonetheless. (Photo taken from: harryflorals on Instagram)


One thing that I will not defend Harry for is the fact that he sang “Ever Since New York” at his last Madison Square Garden Show AND I WASN’T THERE. That is simply inexcusable and a cancel-worthy offense. He is on very thin ice.


So yeah, Harry isn’t perfect. But he sure is a lot more perfect than the rest of us will ever be.