Welcome Back Dance 2022 review


Photo Provided by Luke Girgis '23

Luke Girgis ’23 and his friend are all smiles at the dance.

Andrea Salazar, Staff Writer

This past weekend, Aug. 26, Rosary and Servite held their infamous Welcome Back dance. In the spirit of the theme, everyone dressed up in their best 80s attire and moshed to their hearts’ content.


As a freshman, it can be a bit daunting going into your first high school dance. But, one of Servite’s anonymous freshman said otherwise: “I had a super fun time with my friends. I would definitely recommend.”


Likewise, Rosary senior Trista Verne also had a blast at the dance: “It was an experience. I really wanted them to play ‘Rasputin,’ and it took them a long time to put it on, but it was the last song. I liked watching the dance circle, it was really fun, and the Kona Ice was a great way to end the night!”


Unlike Trista, freshman Christina Vaughn had a slightly less pleasant experience at the dance: “The line for Kona Ice was kind of long, so we just got out of line. I guess I recommend going, I know my friends had fun. I think it’s more of a personal preference.”

Trista demanding the DJ play “Rasputin.” (Photo Provided by Trista Verne ’23)

Personally, my friends and myself all had an amazing time screaming and dancing together to all the songs we love.


Overall, the Welcome Back Dance was a great way to kick off the school year!