An ode to the yellow couch


You can’t tell me this couch doesn’t brighten your mood. (Photo Credit: Kendall Clarida ’23)

Kendall Clarida, Supervising Editor

Last year, an essential addition was added to the Rosary campus—the yellow IKEA couch in room 109. The impact this couch has had on students’ lives was unexpected. The couch was discovered in a former math teacher’s attic and was described to be too ugly not to display. Little did anyone at Rosary know that students would form an intense attachment to the yellow couch.

The yellow couch provides myself, as well as many other students, comfort in ways I never thought possible. The couch has seen me cry, laugh, fail to understand lessons, go through the struggle of AP tests and finals, and has been there for me without ever being asked. The second I rest my head on the velvety fabric I feel my day go in a more positive direction.

Although the couch looks like it could collapse at any moment, it never fails to support every breakdown I’ve been blessed to have on that couch. Through my tears, drama, and stress, the couch is something I can always count on. I never knew I could rely so heavily on an inanimate object, but it proved me wrong. During office hours, girls would SPRINT to grab a seat on the couch, and I was always disappointed when I had to sit on the floor or at a desk.

I truly believe IKEA had the girls at Rosary Academy in mind when creating the ideal dorm-style sofa. It’s quirky yet reliant, hideous yet the most compelling sight on campus, and so unbelievably uncomfortable while also being the thing I turn to for comfort.

When Mr. Gangler announced his departure from Rosary and revealed that he would hold bidding for items in his classroom, the calculus class including Sami Deleon ’23 and Tori Bush ’23 worked hard and saved all their tickets to ensure that the couch would remain on the Rosary campus for the benefit of not only themselves but every student at Rosary.

Tori Bush ’23 acknowledges and appreciates the emotional support of the sofa: “While I may have worked hard to save the yellow couch from near death, the yellow couch has actually saved me.”

The yellow couch now sits in Mr. Bevins’ room and is there if any student needs to get away, have a good cry, or simply study. Whatever you need, the yellow couch will always be there.