BBQ Pitmasters: Servite Edition

Alex Bohn, Staff Writer

There are many words to describe the student body at Servite High School: excited, rambunctious, obsessed-with-the-status-of-their-beloved-asylum. However, the term “master-chef” was in no way on the top of my list. But with Servite being Servite, it’s hard to be surprised by anything they do.

The three Friars trying to give the beloved Servite kitchen service a run for their money. (Photo Credit: Matthew Stevens ’23)

Around 7 a.m. last Friday morning, a group of Servite seniors arrived on campus early to make some eggs and carne asada for their classmates. With loud music blasting through the speakers and RCVs (remote-controlled cars) whipping through the crowd, these boys had quite a party for so early in the morning.

The tasty food being served at the Servite breakfast. (Photo Credit: Alejandro Buendia ’23)

Senior Brandon Patriquin said, “The BBQ was a success, and we didn’t get in any trouble. It’s gonna be an every Friday thing, we’re calling it The Breakfast Club.” His friend Matthew Stevens ’23 chimed in, “Yea, Brandon started a group chat called ‘Brothers Against Canadian Geese’ and told us that we had to do it, so here we are.”

The support of Servite’s Administration delighted the students hanging out in the parking lot. However, the enthusiasm they received sparked a bigger movement. Parker King ’23 shared his ambition, “I already know that at least 50 guys are coming next Friday. We’re making pancakes!”

The fun had even spread to underclassmen such as junior Chris Marci, when he described his part in the cookout: “I cooked the food and had fun with some of the upperclassmen.”

No matter how unexpected the event seemed at first, the Friday breakfast might actually become a beloved tradition among the Servite Friars if they have their say. As “Ratatouille” chef, Gusteau, once said, “Anyone can cook, but only the fearless can be great.”