Ranking high school dances


(Photo Provided by Colleen Schmitt '23)

Homecoming was a great dance to start the beginning of the school year.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer

As a proud attendee of each high school dance from this school year, it is safe to say that my experience for each one has been quite interesting. I love going to the dances not only to be with my friends, but I also really enjoy dancing.  Continue reading to hear my opinion about the worst to the best of each high school dance.

Coming in at number five is welcome back. If I am being honest, I have fun at every dance; however, welcome back is always so awkward. Because it is the very first casual dance, the DJ is never good. I briefly remember the DJ at this dance only playing 80’s music. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with 80’s music, but it would have been nice to listen to music from the new generation. Overall, this dance was mid. There was nothing super appealing about it, but there was also nothing to bash on it about. I’d give this dance a solid 5.5/10.

Coming in at number four is homecoming. Aside from one of the speakers going out, homecoming was somewhat better. I loved my dress. It was a super pretty green floral dress, and I have yet to wear it since. Music was better, and more of my friends were there so dancing was so much fun. The one thing that really sold homecoming was the coffee truck. They had the cutest little Pinterest-like truck. It was so trendy and cute, I loved it. The coffee itself was AMAZING. I probably had about four or five iced vanilla lattes with oat milk. Rating: 6.9/10.

Coming in at number three is winter formal. Winter formal was the very first dance of my junior year where I absolutely loved everything about that night. I went with one of my best friends since kindergarten so I never had to go through the awkward moment of going with a date I barely know and awkwardly taking pictures while meeting the parents for the first time. The one downfall about winter formal was that I did have a concussion during the time, so loud music and high energy dancing did not cut it for me at times. However, there was an alternative to being on the dance floor the whole time. There was so much food. Donuts, candy, chocolate covered strawberries, etc. I probably had about eight chocolate covered strawberries because they are my favorite thing ever. Overall rating: 8/10.

Coming in at number two is MORP. Some people may think I am crazy for rating a casual dance better than a formal one, but I don’t care. MORP was so much fun. I went with all of my best friends, and we danced so hard we were all drenched in sweat by the end of the night. We didn’t care that everyone thought we were insane, and I think having this type of attitude while going to a high school dance really enhances the experience. The one thing I could critique about this dance that would not give it a perfect rating would be the DJ. At the end of the night, it all matters about the DJ. Good music means better dancing. Overall rating: 9.2/10.

Last but not least, the best dance of my junior year was prom. Nothing could top prom night. Everything about it was perfect. The venue, my dress, the music, and all of my best friends had the greatest time. I had the same date from winter formal and it was so funny to watch him and his friends dance. Because everyone was participating and having fun, it made the dance so much better. There also was an ice cream truck even though I never actually went out and got some. I was pretty much dancing the whole time. The DJ was the best one ever. He played great music, and he didn’t do that annoying thing that most DJ’s do where they skip to a new song halfway through. Of course this dance receives a perfect ranking of 10/10.

If these rankings seemed too high or too out of line, these are just my opinion. Everyone’s perspective of a high school dance is different, it is just a matter of if you choose whether or not to have fun.

The sophomores had a lot of fun at the Welcome Back dance this year, and enjoyed the tropical theme.
(Photo Provided by Briana Reyes ’22)
The last casual school dance of the year was a great opportunity to spend time with your best friends and dance.
(Photo Provided by Emma Oskorus ’23)
Prom was definitely a great way to end the school year.
(Photo Provided by Emma Oskorus ’23)
The freshman got to experience their very first formal dance, and they loved it.
(Photo Provided by Samantha Oskorus ’25)