A tribute to the seniors


(Photo Provided by Rosary’s Instagram)

This captures the amazing seniors and the rest of the staff from the very beginning of the school year.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer

This year was my first time taking journalism as a class at Rosary. Going into it, I was not sure what to expect. The majority of the class are seniors, with only a couple of juniors and one sophomore. Having so many seniors in the class really enhanced my experience throughout this class, and here is why.

The seniors in journalism are charismatic, outgoing, and they all have such amazing qualities about themselves. They made class very entertaining. Whether they were playing music out loud, dancing around the classroom, or even when Evelyn LeVecke ’22 poured water on Daly Holman’s ’22 head for a birthday video we made for one of the students, we always had something going on.

The seniors made room 208 feel like a safe space. Although I never personally talked to each one of them individually, the majority of them I did converse with were so easy to talk to. They are all so funny and came up with such interesting, yet weird, articles when needed.

Brooke Kizziar ‘22 shares, “I absolutely LOVED journalism. I love writing to begin with but to choose what I write about every week is just an even bigger bonus. I love Ms. Barclay so I was so happy to be in her class again. I will miss “Mama Andrea’s” [this is what Ms. Barclay’s son Clay calls her, so it’s become the journalism joke] journalism class so dearly.”

The seniors made journalism a class where everyone was welcome, where fun memories were made, and where everyone just had the best time. It was a class where you could write fun articles, enjoy time with your friends, and even have time to relax if you are stressed from anything else.

Anna Dicrisi ‘22 shares her favorite memories from journalism: “My favorite part of journalism is the opportunity to write and laugh along side my best friends. This class and Ms. Barclay are so inspiring, creative, and genius, and I will miss it more than anything next year.”


As one of my last articles, I wanted to highlight just how much these seniors, specifically, made my journalism experience ten times better. I was able to meet new people, and reconnect with some as well.

I will never forget the memories made this school year during this class. From potlucks, to birthday videos, to making videos for baby Clay, and the seniors in theater dancing around and singing, it truly was a great experience. And for that, I will thank these seniors.

Evelyn LeVecke ‘22 and Daly Holman ‘22 create one of the most memorable moments during journalism this year as they go all out in a birthday celebration video.
(Photo Provided by Rosary’s Instagram)
We never miss a chance to celebrate a birthday. Katie Thomas ‘22 loved celebrating her birthday during journalism.
(Photo Provided by Rosary’s Instagram)