Thespian banquet


(Photo Credit: Mandy Puga)

Students get together for a group picture after proudly receiving their awards.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

This past Thursday, May 12, all thespians attended a banquet to celebrate their accomplishments after a long year of theater events.


For the past two years, Trinitas has not been able to have the banquet in person due to Covid-19. This year, however, the banquet was hosted at the Anaheim Majestic Garden Hotel.


The banquet celebrated all that thespians have worked hard to plan throughout the school year, and the ceremony provided a delicious dinner to all its guests while showcasing many state festival performances. Bridgette Sanders ’23 ,who tied for third place at State Festival, performed “A Quiet Thing,” from Flora and the Red Menace. 

Bridgette Sanders performing her State Festival song. (Photo Credit: Mandy Puga)

After her performance, the Thespian Board ceremoniously passed down their positions to the new Thespian officers for the 2022-2023 school year.


Katie Thomas ’22 , the current Communications Officer for Troupe 4566 said, “I’ve spent as much time as I possibly can being a thespian. I’ve had the privilege of planning and running meetings, parties, open houses, and service projects galore. Being a thespian gave me the skills to put my passions and talents to a greater community and form me into a more responsible and confident person. I am so sad to leave it behind, but I am so glad to leave it in the capable hands of my favorite juniors, sophomores, and freshmen.”


Sophomore Makayla Palos Rodriguez, who will be a part of the Thespian Board next year, stated, “I have had such an amazing experience being a part of the Trinitas community! I have loved every second so far, being in classes and shows, as well as getting to meet new people. I have met some of my best friends at Trinitas, and I can’t wait to do more shows and serve on the Thespian Board next year.”


Riley Martinez ’24, another dedicated thespian shared, “I love being a thespian because of the amazing people in our troupe. Throughout my time in theater, I have bonded with others and made very close friendships.”


Towards the end of the banquet, there was an induction ceremony for all new students coming into the troupe.


Freshman Ashley Hawley offered, “I am thrilled to become inducted into the thespian troupe this year. I can’t wait to be fully a part of the Trinitas community.”

A group of thespians smile for the camera as they all received their thespian letter. (Photo Credit: Mandy Puga)


At the end of the night, Mr. Marrone gave his final farewell speech.  He is resigning his position as Executive Director of the Trinitas Arts Conservatory. Mr. Marrone has dedicated the past six years to making Trinitas a stronger program and encouraged each student to grow in their talents.


Troupe 4566 is looking forward to the next school year to plan special events and make Trinitas a bigger community. Make sure to follow the Trinitas community at @trinitasarts.