Expecting mothers


Photo Provided by Mrs. Evans

Four more months till the baby arrives!

Chelsea Bartilad, Staff Writer

Everyone knows parenting can be difficult, but what about those who are preparing for parenthood?

According to our US history teacher Mrs. Evans, who’s expecting her baby girl on September 15, there are definitely a lot of nerves involving the arrival of a new addition to the family: “I was overwhelmed, shocked, and excited when I found out.” She added, “It’s something you think about for a long time and then it almost feels surreal in the moment when you find out.”

Similarly, the photography teacher Mrs. Duque is also expecting the arrival of her daughter this July. “My husband and I were over the moon when we found out we were expecting!” she exclaimed, “We had our baby shower last month in Florida with our friends and family. It was a blessing to be able to celebrate our baby girl with the people closest to us.”

Looking forward for your baby’s arrival! (Photo Provided by Mrs. Duque)

Of course, there are challenges along the way in preparation for a new baby, especially with balancing work. “You have a huge change in your mind and body and it can be a challenge somedays to be fully present while balancing it all,” Mrs. Evans continued, ” I am feeling better lately and so thankful!”

There is also the case of the infamous baby brain that some mothers-to-be experience. Upon being asked whether or not baby brain is real (to them) both Mrs. Duque and Evans agreed that baby brain is “VERY REAL.” Mrs. Evans states, “I am extremely forgetful and have been doing things twice simply because I don’t remember doing them the first time.” Mrs. Duque recommends writing everything down in order to keep track of things.

However, there have been good things while expecting. Mrs. Duque described her excitement about her baby’s arrival, “I’m looking forward to just holding her [my baby] in my arms and having her meet her aunts, uncles, and grandparents who already love her so much. I’m also excited to see her interact with her fur brother Snoop!”

Mrs. Evans described, “I am praying for the safe arrival of our baby girl and am so looking forward to being a mom. It’s something I wanted for so long, and I’m so excited.”

Congratulations to these mothers-to-be, and we wish you the best of luck!