Prom Court 2022


(Photo Provided by Rosary Instagram)

This captures all the girls nominated for prom court for 2022.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer

This Sunday, May 15th, from 7 p.m. till 10 p.m., prom is being held at AV Irvine for all juniors and seniors. This year’s prom court, for Rosary, consists of six seniors and two juniors. Continue reading to get their take on being royalty.

The six seniors on prom court this year are Kate Curry, Melissa Hanson, Mary Nassar, Hannah Palos, Danielle Perez, and Kate Simmons. Each senior is extremely excited to end their senior year being nominated for this position, and they are eager to attend prom.

Kate Curry ’22 shares, “I am very excited to go to prom this year and to be on Prom Court! I am most excited to dance with my friends and have fun!”

Melissa Hanson ’22 shares, “Prom is going to be such a fun night with all of my friends. Especially since I am on prom court this year, I know it is going to be a great night surrounded by all my friends.”

Mary Nassar ’22 shares, “I was over the moon when I heard that I made it on prom court! I wasn’t expecting it at all, so it came as a complete surprise. I’m super excited for prom this weekend because I love dressing up and going to school dances with friends. My friends and I have plans to take pictures and have dinner before prom, so I can’t wait to enjoy my last dance and senior prom with all the friends I’ve made over the last four years!”

Hannah Palos ’22 shares, “I am so excited for prom and getting ready to dress up again. Last year’s prom was one of my favorite dances at Rosary. I am so excited to be on prom court, and I can’t wait to see everyone get all dressed up.”

Danielle Perez ’22 shares, “This year’s prom is going to be such a memorable moment for my senior year. Being on the prom court is going to make this experience ten times better, and I cannot wait to be with the rest of the girls on court and show off all of our crowns.”

Kate Simmons ’22 shares, “I am so happy that I am able to end my senior year being on prom court. I can’t wait to share this experience with my close friends, and have a great time.”

The two juniors nominated for prom court, Julianna Ortiz and Bridgette Sanders, are also ready to enjoy their time at their first prom. They cannot wait to be a part of the court as juniors, and they are so excited to see everyone come together to enjoy this special night.

Julianna Ortiz ’23 shares, “I am so excited for prom and I am also so excited that I was chosen as prom princess. I cannot wait to wear the crown and dance at prom. It also took me awhile to find my dress. Finding the perfect dress is key, and I cannot wait to show off the beautiful sequin dress I have. The neckline and back part of the dress is my favorite part of it.”

Bridgette Sanders ’23 shares, “I cannot wait for prom especially since I am on the court this year. I am good friends with a lot of the people at Servite on the court, including my cousin. I am excited to have one last core memory with him for his senior year. Overall, I cannot wait for prom. Dances are one of my favorite high school experiences and I can’t wait to tear it up on the dance floor.”

This year’s prom, themed Santorini Nights, is going to be such a fun night for the juniors and seniors. Everyone is excited to finally come together, after almost two years of not being able to have normal dances, and enjoy their time with everyone.