Rosary Day rings


(Photo Credit: Mandy Puga)

Current sophomores Nia Delacruz and Bella Montano are excited to receive their rings next year.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

On Thursday, Aug. 28, Rosary sophomores had the chance to look at and get sized for their rings for Rosary Day.

Next school year, the class of 2024 will receive their Rosary day rings from their chosen alumnae. This day is especially important for the incoming juniors since the event officially signifies their transition to upperclasswomen.

Rosary Day takes place in October, starting with a long ceremony and mass in celebration for the juniors. In the middle of the ceremony, the juniors will line up to receive their well deserved rings. After the ceremony, all students are able to enjoy a fun day at Disneyland.

Rosary rings come in different sizes, shapes, and color stones according to a student’s birth month. Royals have the option of various designs of their rings or can choose the classic look.

On Thursday, various options of stones and designs were displayed for the incoming juniors to choose. (Photo Credit: Mandy Puga)

Abby Wright ’24 states, “I chose to get Alexandrite for my stone, because I saw all the colors and it reminds me of rainbow. For the shape of my ring, I chose the normal ring, because I liked it!”

For some students their ring has an important meaning to them.

Nia Delacruz ’24 states, “I haven’t completely decided on the design of my ring yet, but I want to put golf on one side since it’s the sport I’ve played since freshman year and plan on playing until senior year. I’ve been asking my upperclassmen friend to send me pictures of theirs for inspiration. I also really want my sister, Trinity Delacruz ’22 to hand me my ring since she is graduating next year.”

Lianna Enright ’24 says, “My sister, Tina Enright ’21, is going to give me my class ring for Rosary Day. I remember when she was so excited to get her ring, and now she is passing on the tradition. I’m so happy she’s able to present me with my ring because she was such a great role model for me throughout my high school years so far.”

In the blink of an eye, the summer will be over, and the juniors for the 2022- 2023 school year will be given their rings.

Although Rosary Day is around five months away, make sure to look forward to this special tradition.