Easter Breakin’


Photo above of Francesca Passifume, Elizabeth Martinez, Brennan Kennedy, and Olivia Eyler during their trip to San Diego. (Photo Provided by Elizabeth Martinez)

Easter Break at Rosary Academy began on Thursday, April 14. Many Royals took time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the beach. Or they got up and drove or hopped on a flight to travel and explore! Here is a recap of a few fun experiences.

Juniors Emma Oskorus, Reagan Beuerlein, Francesca McGuire, and Amber Lizardi woke up bright and early to see the sunrise in Newport Beach! Emma is seen smiling after a quick dip in the ocean. She described the beach trip overall, saying, “Although we had to wake up super early to catch the sunrise, I had so much fun with my friends, especially taking pictures and going in the water even though it was super cold.” Fun beach trips never get old!

Sunrises were a very popular event during spring break. Around 7: a.m., Emma Oskorus and friends went to watch the sunrise.
(Photo Provided by Emma Oskorus)
Francesca McGuire and Amber Lizardi bundle up at 7:00 a.m. to watch the sunrise.
(Photo Provided by Francesca Mcguire)

Seniors Elizabeth Walloch and Lauren Cottrell visited Chicago during break. Lauren spoke of the experience saying, “Elizabeth and I went to Chicago over spring break! We actually both really loved the city! We visited the Bean, got deep dish pizza at Giordano’s, and rode the Ferris wheel at the navy pier! We both agreed we would love to work in the city after college!”

Elizabeth and Lauren snap a pic on their film camera by the navy pier! (Photo Provided by Lauren Cottrell)

Next up, seniors Elizabeth Martinez, Francesca Passafiume, Olivia Eyler, and Brennan Kennedy took a last-minute trip to San Clemente to go beach camping. Frankie spoke about camping in San Clemente saying, “Since I was little, my family and extended family would take trips during spring break. Since it is our tradition, I thought it would be so fun if all my friends could join.” Brennan loved San Clemente and said, “Liz and I have never been to San Clemente, so it was super fun to hang around there for the first time. When we woke up at the crack of dawn haha (5:00 a.m.), hopped out of Frankie’s camper, got Starbucks, of course, and ran to the ocean to go swimming while watching the sunrise. After, we went shopping near the beach. Overall the girls had such a fun time even though the water must have been freezing at sunrise!

Francesca Passifume, Elizabeth Martinez, Brennan Kennedy, and Olivia Eyler snap a selfie on a day trip to San Diego! (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Martinez)

Last of all, junior Angelina Sances went to Lake Tahoe for a few days. She said, “I have family who lives over there, and I got to see them for the first time in year. One day, we were all relaxing and playing in the snow when my mom had the idea to go on a hike. She decided that the snow that was falling would not be a problem. She was so wrong. It was the hardest hike of my life. The snow was eight feet deep and did not stop falling during the hike.” Bad weather did not stop the Sances family from finding adventure on their vacation.

Photo above features Angelina at the top of the hill on their family snow hike. (Photo Provided by Angelina Sances)

This break seemed to be a smashing success for these Royals. Now that break is over and Royals start gearing up for finals, the students should try and find small adventures in everything they do to let their break last a lifetime.