Easter traditions


The image above is of Elizabeth Martinez ’22 hiking up to the cross with the rest of her family following closely behind. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez )

Kathleen Martinez, Staff Writer

It is the time for joy! Easter is on its way. While we await Easter day, I will share with you some of Royals’ favorite Easter traditions.

To start off the festivities, Junior Viviana Mercado told me about her favorite Easter traditions: “First, my siblings wake me up at the crack of dawn. They shout, “Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny,” then they take my hand as we look for the Easter baskets. Then we get dressed and ready for Mass. We go to Mass and then head for the car. After Mass, we head over to the park to go on yet another Easter egg hunt, and that’s pretty much it.” Sounds like a busy day for Viviana and her siblings.

Viviana’s siblings, cousins, and friends line up waiting for their chance to grab some Easter eggs. (Photo Provided by Viviana Mercado)

Up next, Emma Oskorus ’23 said, “On Good Friday, my family and I always watch the movie “The Passion of Christ.” We’ve held this tradition for a while, but we all enjoy the movie and coming together to watch it every year.” Emma’s family truly focuses their Easter around the rising of Christ which is the true reason for the season.

Senior Mary Marshall said, “Typically we celebrate Easter day with my family, and we normally host the gathering. This year is looking a little different because my sister Kate is unable to come down for Easter since she is away at college. I am sad that she is unable to come in, and it is the first Easter without her. My parents and I are making the most of it this year by going to the East Vigil on Saturday night, then making a nice breakfast, and after going to the beach to eat dinner at Duke’s restaurant. It’s going to be a pretty chill Easter this year.”

Pictured above is Mary and Kate before college tore their tradition apart. (Photo Provided by Mary Marshall)

Junior Annabella Baretto’s family is truly unique in their Easter celebrations. She said, “Every year, my dad takes us to see a play or musical the night before Easter. Last year, we saw ‘Wicked,’ and this year we are seeing ‘Hamilton.’ The weird thing is, we only do this for Easter; the rest of the year we don’t really see plays or musicals.” I’m not really sure how musical theater relates to Easter, but Anabella’s family tradition sounds like a lot of fun!

Annabella and her sister Ava Baretto ’25 pose right before watching the musical “Wicked.” (Photo Provided by Annabella Baretto)

Finally, my family has an Easter tradition of going to mass then to Santiago Canyon Retreat Center. While there, we hike to the top of the hill. On the way up the hill, there are the stations of the cross, and we pause and reflect on each of them as we read. At the very top, there is a giant cross to symbolize the cross on which Jesus was crucified. After the long hike, we go home and go to dinner.

Overall, many Rosary students are looking forward to these Easter traditions. With or without tradition, Easter is a great time to spend quality time with family and a time of reflection. If you don’t already have a tradition or if you have room for one more, try adding one of the traditions listed above and enjoy your spring break!