These shows are actually not boring…

Please watch this chaotic masterpiece. Watch it now on HULU!

Photo taken from @mrrpmurphy on Instagram

Please watch this chaotic masterpiece. Watch it now on HULU!

Daniela Arias, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

I divulge in my fair share of shows. All genres really. Reality. Romance. Coming of Age. Horror. You think it, I watch it. Although I am quite the show enthusiast, there are some shows which just don’t look appealing to me…at first.

In honor of my many negative preconceived notions, I’ve compiled a list of shows that I perceived as snooze fests but ended up being pleasantly entertaining surprises…


“The Golden Girls”

A show about retired old ladies living in Florida…eh. NO, NOT EH. In your defense, I thought it would be pretty “eh” too, but with lots of love, laughter, and old ladies living it up, “The Golden Girls” is a fantastical show. You’ll quickly become attached to leading ladies Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia and their elderly adventures.


“Impeachment: American Crime Story”

If you’re a history junkie, this may not seem boring to you, but if you’re indifferent to history or if it bores you, this may seem like a snooze worthy show. I would say I’m more on the history admirer side, but I’m not that crazy about it. BUT, this show was incredible. It was juicy, scandalous, and aggravating. You might know the Clinton x Monica Lewinsky debacle but seeing it play out is insane.


“30 Rock”

I was under the impression that this was some sort of “The Office” copy cat, but I was so wrong! To be honest, I only watched three full episodes whilst getting a mani-pedi in a nail salon, but nonetheless, those three episodes were comedy gold. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey make a fantastic duo, and from what I saw, they’re the key players in the show’s sarcastic humor.


“20/20,” “Dateline,” and such

True crime is great and all, but when it’s long winded and gives too much background on the individuals involved rather than the crime itselfthat’s when it gets boring. But, let me tell you…The way “Dateline” and “20/20” tell their true crime is fantabulous! But, it really just goes down to what case you’re watching. Something about major tax evasion or money laundering is boring. But the stories about double lives, cheating, and murder schemes are captivating.


Any real-estate show to ever exist

Yea, I know, it’s crazy that all those HGTV shows are actually not boring. Real-estate shows have recently sky rocketed in popularity with the introduction of shows like “Selling Sunset” and “Selling Tampa,” but what about the OG shows on Bravo and HGTV? I’m talking about “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles/New York,” “House Hunters,” “Flip or Flop,” “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles: Josh and Josh,” and etc. Those shows are at the peak of glamorous real-estate greatness.


If you learned anything from this article, I hope it was thisdon’t judge a show by it’s promotional cover or short cable description.