Medieval Times


(Photo Credit: Mandy Puga)

The horse steals the spotlight as he gets ready to perform.

Mandy Puga, Staff Writer

Imagine traveling back in time and getting to sit front row in a medieval arena. You would be able to watch knights fight to the death whilst eating a delicious meal. Knights in shining armor riding on prancing horses. If only you could.. Oh wait, you can!

In Buena Park, California, Medieval Times will provide you with historical entertainment with gallant knights and majestic horses.

Medieval Times is an entertainment company that invites you to travel through the mists of time. The horses are trained to perfection and dance to medieval music!

Elena Walz 22′ once questioned, “Mandy, what is it with you and Medieval Times.” Simply because it is the best place to be, Elena.

Here’s why:

You enter the castle as the actors who play the local peasants assign your group paper crowns and lead you to your section.

The show begins with the introduction of the Queen and her noble squires. The whole point of the show is for one of the knights to win the Queen’s hand.

There are six different knights with assigned colors: Red and Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Black and White, and the very last knight, Yellow. As you wait for the show to begin, you look around the castle and explore the Hall of Arms.

There are three parts to the show. First, the dancing horses appear after the introduction of the knights. The horses put on a mini-performance as they trot around the arena to medieval music.

Then, when you’re least expecting it, the Royal Falconer comes out with a falcon on her forearm. The audience goes silent with wonder and anticipation.

She lets the falcon fly as it soars across the entire arena, majestically flying over your head.

As you watch this jaw-dropping performance by the talented falcon, you feel your appetite growing. Well, Medieval Times has got you covered.

A mouthwatering three-course meal awaits you. Hot chicken soup is served first as an entrée, followed by a large piece of chicken with corn on the cob, garlic bread, and a large potato wedge. For dessert, you will either get a piece of cake or a small cup of vanilla ice cream with caramel drizzle.

As you eat, the show continues with more thrilling games. The knights fight each other on their horses in competitive games. Eventually, they will fight with just their weapons.

As the show concludes, one knight wins the game and is titled “Defender of the Throne.”  The Queen waves goodbye to her audience, and you are led out of the arena.

You get to go home with your paper crown, a full stomach, and medieval memories you’ll never forget.

Alicia Dofelmier 22′, who has attended various Medieval Times shows states, “It’s a very thrilling experience. I really enjoyed being able to eat my food and watch the knights fight. One of them even gave me a rose!”

Make sure to head over to Medieval Times to experience the best show of your life!