Senior service project: Hop into Spring


The seniors smile brightly for a picture. (Photo Credit: thomashouseshelter Instagram)

Kim Pham, Staff Writer

This year, the seniors are required to sign up for one of the senior class service projects and one of the options was to participate in a ‘special event’ at Thomas Shelter. The senior class service project kicked off with the Halloween Boo-bash on Oct. 28, 2021, followed by the Jingle Ball on Dec. 9, 2021. Last week, March 31, 2022, was the last event of the senior class service projectHop into Spring.

Leading up to the event, the seniors had to attend meetings during lunch in order to plan and prepare for the theme and materials that are needed. Although the event started right after a long day of school, the seniors had a good time interacting with the kids at the Thomas Shelter.

The kids seem to enjoy the cookie decoration station a lot.
(Photo Credit: thomashouseshelter Instagram)

Trinity Delacruz ‘22 gave a look into the event, “Groups of girls were assigned different tasks for the kids to do. For example, some were in charge of slime making, some were in charge of cookie decorating, and some were in charge of face painting. We all played a part, and overall I think the kids really enjoyed it!”

Senior Ayah Mohamed commented, “I love the service project! I didn’t expect to like it so much and it was so sweet creating memories with the kids.”

Rosary Academy as a school is always encouraging its students to go out and serve the dear neighbor. Miranda Becerra ‘22 shared her experience, “The overall experience was great and it made me interested in continuing to volunteer at the shelter.”

And last but not least, Ms. Tunstill, who was in charge of the three special events, said, “It’s always a sacred moment when I experience the smiles and hear the laughter of the children at Thomas House Shelter, knowing that our Rosary students unselfishly give so much of themselves!”

Face painting is always popular among kids.
(Photo Credit: thomashouseshelter instagram)
Chelsea Bartilad ’22 is showing the kids how to do art and craft.
(Photo Credit: thomashouseshelter Instagram)