Rosary Track Senior Night


(Photo Provided by Gabriella Cardenas '22)

Senior captains, Gabriella Cardenas, Elena Navarro, and Lauren Aquino with their head coach, Brandon Thomas, moments before competing in the meet.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer

Last night, Rosary’s track team honored their seniors for their final high school season. The meet took place at Servite at 3 p.m. against J Serra High School. This senior night was so special for all the girls who have devoted their time and commitment to make Rosary’s track team the best it could be.

One of the captains, Gabriella Cardenas ’22 shared, “Senior night was so sad realizing that we are all almost done with our high school season. It breaks my heart, but also made me realize that pretty soon I won’t be able to practice with the girls everyday anymore, which makes me sad.”

The whole track team worked hard and was able to get a win at the meet. Another captain, Lauren Aquino ’22 shared, “This year has been such a big year for the track team. With a brand new head coach, we have been improving so much, and we have a good chance of being Trinity League champions this season. I am extremely sad that this is my last year to be a part of the track team, so I try to treasure every moment with the team.”

So far, the track team has had a successful season. Outside of competing, all the girls have also gotten so much closer with each other. Elena Navarro ’22, the third captain of the team shares, “I have made such close friends within the team, and these girls will always hold a special place in my heart. It’s going to be very hard to leave them, but I know that they will be so successful in the seasons after this one.”

The juniors, sophomores, and freshman have been greatly impacted by the leadership of these three seniors. Colleen Schmitt ’23 shared, “The seniors are very supportive and helpful. I always look up to them and ask them for advice not just for track, but for school and anything else.”

With their only being three seniors on the team, many of the freshman have also been able to look up to them for advice and help with anything they need. Veronica Mercado ’25 shares, “Being a freshman, I was nervous but excited to join the track team. I did not know whether or not I would enjoy it, but the seniors have definitely made my experience ten times better.”

These three seniors have worked hard all season to help lead the entire team to success. Last night, they were able to show everyone their hard work through support from their families and friends. The track team has one more league meet at Mater Dei next Wednesday at 3 p.m. Come out and support!

Lauren Aquino moments before the meet smiling as she is honored for senior night.
(Photo Provided by Lauren Aquino ’22)
Elena Navarro’s mom made the three seniors ribbons and flower crowns to honor them on their senior night.
(Photo Provided by Lauren Aquino ’22)